You can take the "Alaskan Bush People" family out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of them. This certainly proved to be true as seen on last Wednesday's episode (Aug. 9), when Billy and Ami Brown's eldest son Matt played around with another dangerous DIY experiment.

Fans may recall that Matt has just escaped a near-death injury in May after his gunpowder experiment exploded earlier than he expected. As reported by TMZ, the 33-year-old reality star had to get nine staples in his head as a result of his injury. The "Alaskan Bush People" film crew also captured the moment when a visibly bleeding Matt was being flown in an emergency chopper.

This scene was aired in a previous episode of the reality documentary show.

Matt Brown plays with another DIY invention

Wednesday night, "Alaskan Bush People" fans saw Matt and Billy discuss the aftermath of his injury. Billy told his son that he was lucky to come out of it alive.

"The good Lord really knows what He's doing," Matt later said while pondering on his life's purpose.

However, it seems that Matt couldn't shake off the daredevil inside him. Once he settled in their temporary L.A. home, he began another DIY experiment waiting to go bad.

This time, Matt picked up an electric motor, cell phone battery, plastic disc, a needle, and some other knickknacks. He wanted to make a homemade tattoo gun and ink himself.

His haphazard invention somewhat worked, and he managed to tattoo a tiny dots on his torso.

Matt Brown's behavior worries fans

Matt said that this little home project of his was his attempt to cheer up his mom Ami, who was about to begin her radiation treatment for her stage 3b lung cancer.

Ami had to undergo a CT scan so oncologists could locate her cancer cells. Doctors will then put tattoo markings on those parts of Ami's body to help them identify where to focus her radiation treatments.

So, Matt's DIY tattoo was a show of support for his beloved mother. However, "Alaskan Bush People" viewers were not happy with what they saw.

Many were alarmed to see how Matt was behaving, especially after his recent near-death experience.

Many fans took to Twitter to voice out their concern for the eldest Brown sibling. They noted that inking oneself is an infection waiting to happen. Some also aired their disappointment with the show and Discovery for airing this scene, which other viewers may copy at home.

Meanwhile, other fans noticed that Matt was acting hyper in the episode and questioned if he was on some drugs or painkillers.

"He might be drinking again or on pain meds from his head injury?" one fan left a comment on the "Alaskan Bush People" Twitter account.

"Alaskan Bush People" airs every Wednesday, 9 p.m. on Discovery.