Vanity Fair has come forward with claims that Angelina Jolie used disgusting and inhuman methods of casting for her latest movie "First They Killed My Father." The magazine printed a transcript of Jolie's explanation of their Casting Process in which she offered impoverished children money before taking it away again. Jolie has strongly denied these claims and is taking action against Vanity Fair who stand by their claims.

The insensitive casting by director Jolie

According to Vox, Vanity Fair are standing by their claims that actor and director Angelina Jolie used disgusting and cruel casting methods for her Netflix original film "First They Killed My Father." The magazine published a piece stating that Jolie offered impoverished children money before taking it away again.

Vanity Fair has stated that when Jolie was casting for the movie, she went to orphanages, circus' and slum schools where the children had experienced a great deal of hardship throughout their life. The magazine has explained that Jolie was looking for a young actor to play the lead in the movie and came up with a game to find the perfect child.

According to the Independent, Vanity Fair has released an exact transcript of Angelina Jolie's explanation of her casting process for the movie. Jolie would place money in front of a child and ask them to think what they needed the money for. She then explained to the child that they would be caught stealing the money and then asked them to come up with a lie as to why they needed the cash.

The lead of the film "First They Killed My Father" was part of this casting process and stated that she needed the money to pay for her grandfather’s funeral. As of yet, it has not been confirmed if Srey Moch was telling the truth about her family situation or if she was playing into Jolie's cruel game.

Angelina Jolie has strongly denied the claims that were made against her by the magazine and has taken action to try to get the piece removed.

The actor fights against these claims and states that they are false

According to The Journal, actor, and director of the movie "First They Killed My Father," Angelina Jolie has come forward and made a statement about the claims made about the casting. Jolie has stated that the account of the casting as given by Vanity Fair is false.

The director has stated that she was disgusted that such rumors about her method of casting were circling and has claimed she would never be involved in something so cruel. Angelina Jolie also stated that guardians and parents of the children who were cast were all present during the casting process. She stated that she was never left alone with a child and that there was a representative for the child there at all times.

Jolie has taken legal action against the magazine, and her lawyer has contacted them asking them to rescind their statements and publish a reprint of the issue.