ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 is guaranteed to bring smiles and tears to fans when it debuts in September. The intense medical drama series is known for its witty casts and the characters they portray all have their distinct characteristics that make them special. The new season, on the other hand, may focus the lighter mood on the main cast, while the tear-jerking scenes will be assigned to guest stars.

In an interview with one of the casts, Giacomo Gianniotti who plays Dr Andrew DeLuca revealed it will be quite a roller coaster.

In an interview with The Holywood Reporter, Giannotti said: "We'll still have our guest-stars coming in where you'll still need your tissue box, but we're going to enjoy our characters having a bit of fun and swing between a little drama and comedy."

Krista Vernoff returns to "Grey's Anatomy" Season 14

Interestingly, the return of Krista Vernoff on the series brought the show's much-needed boost. Vernoff, who wrote and co-produced "Grey's Anatomy's" first eight seasons is expected to touch every single aspect of the show's ups and downs. Her return could also be the turning point of Shonda Rhimes departure from ABC. Additionally, Vernoff talked to the cast of the series, asking them of their personal intake and dreams for the show.

Kelly McCreary, who plays Dr Maggie Wilson said the new season will touch base starting from the catastrophe that happened at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The two-hour premiere will be an immense story telling of the last episode that's why the whole writing team came up with the idea to keep it fun, light, and exciting.

ABC and Taylor Swift team up to promote TGIT

Meanwhile, ABC has turned to "Grey's Anatomy" super fan Taylor Swift to promote TGIT with her new single "Look What You Made Me Do." While the song did not specifically promote Grey's, it wraps up the network's upcoming TGIT shows which also include "Scandal" and "How to Get Away With Murder." The promo video came out few hours after the country singer released the song.

Unfortunately, it also did not feature any "Grey's Anatomy" spoiler or any material that indicates what to expect from the new season. The show's writer, Shonda Rhimes recently ended her contract with Abc Network to further expand her experience on Netflix. Nevertheless, the medical drama will continue on ABC, which is now being handled by Krista Vernoff. According to TVLine, all of Rhimes' "current and in-pipeline" shows will continue to air on the ABC network.