Abby Lee Miller, the disgraced star of "Dance Moms," self-surrendered to the FCI Victorville facility in Victorville, California just a few weeks ago, but already inmates who have spent just a few days in Prison with her are revealing information about what life is like on the inside for her. The star recently sat down for a television interview where she said she wasn't sure if she would survive prison and thought that she might get killed or beaten up by a group of women determined to do so. The star saw a consultant to help her get prepared for her time in jail, and it seems Abby has been worried about what the other inmates might think of her.

How the other inmates reacted to Abby

According to those who have served a little bit of time with her, the inmates were angry at Abby when she first arrived. This was because when a high profile prisoner enters the facility, they have to go on lock down, shutting down the phones and the Internet. Evidently the star has already gotten into a screaming match with another woman int he facility, in which the woman screamed, "You ain't s**t!" to Abby.

Abby Lee Miller has evidently been attempting to keep to herself, though she does have fans who are inside with her and who look up to her. Although she has stated that the guards have been unnecessarily rude to her and have been shining lights in her face while she is trying to sleep, there is a group of women who really like the star and want to see her succeed on the inside.

They are also asking if she can teach dance lessons outside on the dirt as a recreational activity.

When people aren't fawning over her or shouting at her, Abby has been spending a lot of time reading romance novels on her bunk and trying to keep to herself as it is reported that those who are not her fans want to see her taken down a notch.

Jobs on the inside

Abby has yet to be assigned to a real job as she is still a new inmate. However, she has been cleaning the toilets, bathrooms, and showers with all of the other new inmates, which is reportedly very humiliating for her. During this time, she is making 12 cents an hour for items she can purchase at the commissary, though it will take two hours of work for her to be able to afford something as mundane as a packet of ramen noodles.

A former inmate said she believes Abby will be reassigned to kitchen duty, which she was advised to try and get on as this is one of the better jobs in the prison system. She will work for a few hours a day most days of the week.