Aaron Carter won't stop making headlines. The pop singer has had a rough past couple of months, as he was arrested for DUI back in July. He also recently came out as bisexual via social media and broke up with his girlfriend, Madison Parker. The 29-year old clarified that his bisexuality was not the reason why the pair broke up but implied that there was bad blood between them.

In fact, when TMZ asked Parker about her ex-boyfriend, she referred to him as her "enemy." Speaking of enemies, Carter is one to ruffle feathers with his honesty, especially on his social media accounts.

In June, the singer quit Twitter after he was bullied and body-shamed. He admitted on social media that he was "hurt" by the comments of some fans about his thin frame, explaining that it was a medical condition that kept his body that way.

Singer might have a stalker

In late Tuesday evening, Aaron Carter took to Twitter to share some screenshots of a conversation between himself and an unknown man who the singer claimed was "harrassing" him. Fans quickly came to his aid, encouraging him to report the incident. The unknown man, who was later revealed to be Madison Parker's best friend's brother Trevor Valenzuela, called Carter a "meth addict who pretends to be bi" and "just looking for [attention]." Carter wrote back, saying that was going to the police and that he had four attorneys to help him.

Carter's ex Madison Parker may be involved in the harassment incident

Aaron Carter made sure to keep his fans updated on the incident, writing on Twitter that "He already revealed himself who he is and he is connected with Madison." In another tweet, he wrote, "I told him she has an NDA and he proceeded after trying to get me to come out saying personal things." the singer also said that the police were alerted about the incident and that "his person is connected to my ex Madison and saying foul things.

So yes a Police Report is being filed."

Singer requires women to sign NDA's before dating

Aaron Carter, who was recently linked to Porcelain Black, opened up on Twitter on early Wednesday morning, saying that he requires women to sign a non-disclosure agreement or NDA before they begin dating.

He wrote, "It sucks that I have to have girls I date sign NDA's... when will I truly find someone I can just trust."

He also shared that the harassment that he experienced at the hand of someone who was linked to his ex-girlfriend Madison Parker "saddens" him. He explained that "I just want my privacy and constantly have to protect myself with NDA's."