After a downhill career a few years ago, Aaron Carter has been making the headlines once again with his new antics. A couple of weeks ago, he was arrested for driving under the influence together with his then girlfriend, Madison Parker.

Photos of Carter surfaced on the internet and the fans were shocked and disappointed to see a big change from the handsome matinee image that he used to project. Apparently, his unhealthy lifestyle has been the major cause for his physical appearance and the fans have not been holding back on their negative opinions and comments.

A few weeks after their legal altercation, Carter and Madison Parker broke up.

According to E! Online, Aaron Carter revealed that his sexuality was the main reason for their breakup. According to him, the fact that he likes both girls and boys did not sit well with Madison Parker, hence, the breakup. It looks like Carter has decided not to mull over the breakup and has decided to venture into the bachelor world once again. This time, he didn't wait around and decided to ask another celebrity out for a date. The celebrity is no other than Chloe Grace Moretz, who previously revealed in an interview that Aaron Carter was her childhood crush.

The feeling is mutual

According to Variety, Chloe Grace Moretz revealed in a recent interview that she developed a childhood crush on Aaron Carter back when she was just four years old.

She further revealed that she also had a friend who liked Aaron Carter at that time and they would both end up fighting over him. Moretz concluded the topic with a lingering possibility that she and Carter might meet in the future.

Apparently, Aaron Carter's radar was quick enough to pick up Moretz' interview and he decided to publicly ask the "If I Fall" actress out on a date.

However, he didn't ask her out personally but instead took to social media to ask her out on a date.

On his Twitter account, Aaron Carter gave Chloe Grace Moretz a shoutout, asking her if she would like to have dinner with him. He ended his tweet with a meaningful line, saying that the crush is mutual. Nevertheless, at this time Moretz has yet to respond to Carter's dinner invitation.

What about Brooklyn Beckham?

Currently, Chloe Grace Moretz is single but there are recurring speculations that she is still in constant communication with her ex-boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham. Reps for Moretz and Carter have yet to release a statement about the issue.