Recently split couple Aaron Carter and Madison Parker are not on good terms. The pair broke up earlier this month, when Carter admitted that he was bisexual. Parker vehemently denied Carter's bisexuality playing a part in their breakup, as she told E! News that her "closest friends and loved ones are of the LGBTQ community, people I love and support wholeheartedly" so calling her "homophobic" is totally "off character." But what is the real reason for their split? Some fans may point a finger at Carter's alleged drug abuse, which he also denied, citing his medical condition as the reason why he consumed marijuana.

TMZ recently caught up with Parker to ask how she's holding up post-breakup, and she had a few choice words for her ex.

Madison Parker refers to Aaron Carter as an 'enemy'

When asked what was going on between her and Aaron Carter, Madison Parker, she replied, "We pray and hope for the best and you know, you're always praying for your enemies, I guess." It was a nonchalant statement, but it implies that the pair did not split amicably. In fact, it looks like Carter is already moving on with another woman just weeks after their breakup.

Singer interested in women now

In a slightly confusing turn of events, Aaron Carter shared that despite having an experience with another male when he was younger, he's now solely focused on having relationships with women.

"I want to pursue a relationship with a woman," he told TMZ.

Aaron Carter dating Porcelain Black

After admitting that he had a crush on Chloe Grace Moretz, Aaron Carter is now dating Porcelain Black. Black isn't someone new in Carter's life, as the pair have known each other for 16 years. This week, Carter took to Instagram to share a photo of himself kissing Black on the cheek.

It's unclear whether his public displays of affection is to spite his ex-girlfriend, however. His recent statements about Parker seems to be filled with bitterness, as he told TMZ, "If someone loves you enough, they’ll never leave you," implying that it was Parker who broke up with him.

He explained, "They’ll never leave you over you saying that ‘I want to be honest’ about whether it’s about me being bisexual, bicurious, being gay, or anything."

Artist takes to Twitter to throw shade at ex-girlfriend

Social media is a powerful tool and it seems that Aaron Carter is using it wisely. He recently posted a tweet that read, "If you truly wanted me you would do everything you can to make sure I was yours" and "The heart never heals without the pain," statements which can be taken in the context of his recent breakup. But whatever these may truly mean, Carter is leaving it to fans to speculate.