The latest updates and spoilers for "Stranger Things" Season 2 will feature Will Byers as a villain and there is also a possibility of a third season.

Evil Will Byers in season 2?

The second season of "Stranger Things" will focus on the changes that Will Byers is experiencing during his time in the "Upside-Down" world in season 1, leading to a possible invasion in the show's plot. Will is experiencing visions from the other world to the point he believes that something is coming and is driving him insane.

As seen in the SDCC 2017 trailer, Will's vision includes a large tentacle monster invading Hawkins as the remnants of the other world is starting to shift in his perception of reality.

Many fans theorized that Will's changes on the other side could potentially turn him into a major villain for the show.

However, executive producer Shawn Levy shared his opinion about the fan theories during an interview session with Nerdist.

"I can neither confirm or deny that theory," Levy said. "All I'm going to say between the end of season 1 and what we've seen in the trailers, clearly Will is not alright."

If the latter does become evil in season 2, one could ask if he is being controlled by the evil forces from the "Upside-Down" world, or is he aware of what is happening and just goes along with it, to the point of hurting his friends and family?

Other fans believed that Will might develop powers from the other world, or even transform into a monster like the Demogorgon.

It seems that fans will just have to wait for more details before the show airs in October.

Season 3 in the works

Cast member David Harbour seemingly confirmed that "Stranger Things" will have a third season and Netflix has already ordered it. He told TMZ about his experiences working with the young cast members and producers behind the hit cult series, and how each character "grows up" as a person in each season.

In terms of the show's longevity, showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer stated that they do have multiple seasons planned for the Netflix series, but it will depend on the second season's success in the ratings. The streaming service already gave the Duff brothers the green light for season 2 before the first season premiered and will likely do the same practice for the third.

The show's sophomore season will also feature the return of Millie Bobbie Brown's character Eleven as she is trapped from the other side and tries to find a doorway back to the real world.

"Stranger Things" season 2 will premiere on October 27 on Netflix.