Big changes are taking place with the popular CBS daytime soap "The Young and the Restless." New reports reveal that writer Kay Alden has been fired from the show.

Was Kay Alden blindsided?

Not only has the news broke that Alden was fired there are also rumors building that Alden was dismissed from "Y&R" due to the influence of Sally Sussman. The breaking soap news was reported by CDL, who reveals that fans are in shock over the news. The story is that Sussman requested that Alden fired because she had an ulterior motive of her own.

Fans not happy with Y&R changes

She wanted Kay out and her own son brought in to fill her shoes. If this is true, then shame on Sally. Who would have thought that she would have that much pull with the soap head honchos? Sources close to the "Young and the Restless" situation claim that Sally grew tired of playing second fiddle to Kate. She was pretty upset after Alden was brought back to the soap by popular demand. It was reportedly very intimidating for her.

The word is that Kay Alden's last day on the soap set was Friday, July 28th. This means everyone involved with the show will not even find out about the changes until they return on Monday. Things have been rocky ever since the last Bell was pushed from power according to a Sony exec, who allegedly spoke with Highlight Hollywood.

Kay Alden is remaining silent so far on the subject. This could mean bad news for The Young and the Restless ratings. Hopefully, things will look up as it has for NBC soap Days of Our Lives since hiring new head writer Ron Carlivati. However, it is too soon to tell just how everyone at Y&R is going to feel about the changes.

This is not the first time the fans have complained about a Y&R family member being fired. Many longtime fans to this day are still very bitter about actor Michael Muhney being fired from the role of Adam Newman back in 2013. Muhney's firing made news headlines after he was let go from the show in for the alleged sexual harassment of a fellow costar.

Over the years there have been multiple rumors about Muhney's return to the Young and the Restless but so far, no go.

Michael Muhney did spark major interest and speculation from Y&R fans recently after responding to tweet recently from a fan asking if we could expect to see him on TV again in 2017? Muhney's reply was "I hope it's pretty likely." However, he said nothing about where that return to television would be. The confirmed return that is spoken about is wishful thinking by fans and not a confirmation of Muhney's return to the show.

With the latest development in the Young and the Restless staff, it appears that anything may be possible. What are your thoughts on the latest riff at the "Young and the Restless?"