Hey, “Young And The Restless” fans. Crystal will deliver another disturbing phone call to Sharon! Lily totally reaches her breaking point. Mariah has a very candid conversation with Devon. Victor shows off his power and more in these new July 31 to August 4, 2017 episodes. CBS revealed these spoilers by way of Soaps.com

The hotline

In the Monday, July 31 episode, we’re going to see the scene that features Crystal serving up another upsetting call to Sharon on the hotline. How will Sharon deal with it? What exactly will the call entail? Those are the major questions for this storyline.

It sounds like it could certainly get very intense and dramatic. So, it’ll be very interesting to see how this one ends up playing out.

Next, Hilary will have some great news for Jordan as they say she is going to tell him that she landed the commercial spot. Elsewhere, Cane is going to be very busy. Apparently, he will be using up all of his free time trying to make sure that Lily doesn’t become privy to his recent actions. Will he be able to keep hiding things from her? Or will she eventually find out? We think she probably will. It’s just more of a question of how long it will take. This one definitely sounds like an intriguing storyline for sure.

They won’t back down

In the Tuesday, August 1 episode, there’s going to be a pretty serious-sounding situation that takes place with Victoria and Billy.

They kept the description pretty vague by just saying that they won’t back down! Who or what are they not backing down from? That’s the important question for this scenario. We hope to see it get answered in this episode. It sounds like it could deliver some pretty intense scenes.

In the Wednesday, August 2 episode, there’s going to be a very important scene that takes place involving Lily.

They say she will finally reach the point where she’s had enough. So, it sounds like she’s going to hit her breaking point. Their description didn’t specify what exactly is the issue. So, we’ll definitely be looking to see what has brought her to her breaking point. This is another plotline that sounds like it could deliver some very drama-filled footage.

Show his power

The Thursday, August 3 episode will feature a moment where Victor will show his power. They didn’t reveal anything else about this scene. So, we’ll have to wait for this one to air to see what that situation is all about. It does sound interesting though.

They revealed a second scoop for Thursday’s episode. It involves Nikki. They say she will try to justify her her romantic relationship with Jack at some point.

Honest conversation

Lastly, the week-ending Friday, August 4 episode will feature the scene where Mariah has a very honest conversation with Devon. That storyline sounds like it could offer up some interesting things to close out the week. Stay tuned.