As Trump took to the podium on Monday what he had to say was overshadowed by a woman sporting eyebrows that caught the eye of the online world. As Trump preceded to speak about the urgency to Repeal and Replace Obamacare this Woman's eyebrows took center stage despite the fact that she remained standing behind Trump the entire time. While she was there in support of Trump's "repeal and replace" campaign, this backfired horribly once the social media world became involved.

Shocking brows

Trump was at the podium to discuss the urgency to repeal and replace Obamacare and to add strength to his point he created a backdrop of folks who have allegedly suffered because of Obamacare both financially and due to lack of coverage.

Included in the background of Trump's speech was a woman who had some very "odd" looking eyebrows, which is one of the nicer descriptions pulled from social media on this woman's brow problem. It didn't take long for folks across the social media sites to pick up on this.

The social media sites lit up with questions and funny quips about this woman's eyebrows, which many described as looking somewhat comical. That woman was on the stage to bolster Trump's case, but once her eyebrows became the target of the online world, she became a meme overnight that was used to bash Trump.

The Twitter user below posted a screen shot of the president's speech and referred to the look on this woman's face with her eyebrows resembling the way he has been feeling since November. The "unsuspecting woman" has now become a "meme" reports The Mirror. Overnight this woman has become the face of people who are distressed over Trump's politics, not Obamacare.

Permanent woe on her face

The eyebrows gave her a look of permanent woe on her face and overnight this woman's face has become the representation of how "all of us feel about Donald Trump's ignorance on Obamacare," writes Perez Hilton. Others online did make cracks over this woman's eyebrows being a pre-existing condition that Obamacare won't cover.

Some made serious inquiries as to why the people she came with to this speech didn't say something to her about how ridiculous her eyebrows looked.

Why didn't someone tell this woman?

The woman sporting these eyebrows hasn't been identified, but her face became a meme overnight to be used against Donald Trump's health care campaign. She is seen as someone very worried about Trump's attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare instead of being recognized as a victim of Obamacare, which was Trump's camp original thought of placing her behind Trump during his speech.