The fall TV season is just around the corner and with it comes the return of many of viewers' favorite TV shows. One of them is "Stranger Things" Season 2, which promises to both resolve some things left by the previous season, and uncover new truths surrounding the sleepy, weird town of Hawkins, Indiana. David Harbour has already previously mentioned that some fans of the show may not really like the sophomore season, likening both seasons to vanilla and strawberry ice cream. But now, he gave more hints about what he meant, and explained to The Hollywood Reporter that the opening scenes of the upcoming season may not really look and feel like "Stranger Things" at all.

Actor dishes on what's to come in sophomore season

The 42-year old David Harbour, who is also set to make his big screen debut as a leading man in the "Hellboy" reboot, shared with The Hollywood Reporter that within the first few minutes of "Stranger Things" season 2, viewers will find what he calls a new world with "some new concepts." He also hinted that the show will tackle some of the things the fans "have been talking about." While he failed to mention what specifically (because spoilers!), he did say that the show will be tackling "the past histories" of some of the characters on the show. Because of this, the series is bound "to get bigger and darker and weirder."

New trailer featured in last weekend's SDCC

This year's San Diego Comic Con was of epic proportions, with film franchises and cult TV shows gracing the stage to showcase the latest trailers and sneak peeks.

A longer look at "Stranger Things" season 2 was also showcased, and it showed fans just how creepy Will Byer's world has become after surviving the Upside Down. It also offers a glimpse of the return of Eleven.

Fan theory: Eleven is Chief Hopper's daughter

One of the more interesting fan theories that may or may not be disproven by "Stranger Things" season 2 is the theory that Eleven is actually Chief Hopper's presumed dead daughter, Sarah.

Screen Rant reported that it was Hopper's motivation that may have been a clue that linked both him and Eleven. Nonetheless, this, along with other fan theories will be put to the test once "Stranger Things" returns to television this October 27 on Netflix. The series is created by the Duffer Brothers and has reaped Emmy Award nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, which will take place this September 17.