An auction that is boasting some items once owned by Madonna will be a few items short when the bids open today. Madonna went to court to halt the sale of her stuff, which consist of items that she thought she still owned. Madonna had no problem with items owned by her fans being sold, but when she got a gander at what these items were she suddenly turned into the "Material Girl" and wanted her material back.

Madonna had no idea that a few of these very personal items were not still in her possession, like a letter written to her by the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

It was probably the pair of panties that she had once worn that became her biggest bone of contention among the items going up on the auction block. The reason behind this isn't modesty, but probably because of what someone could extract from those panties. In other words, they weren't washed after Madonna had them on, so her DNA is still present.

No modesty here

While you might think it was modesty, her concern was about the DNA left behind on these panties, as she said her concern was someone extracting her DNA from one of her personal belongings. It appears that Madonna really cut it down to the wire when she got the judge's ruling that the personal items, like the panties and Tupac's letter, were put on hold from being auctioned.

The court ruling was handed down on Tuesday.

Today, Wednesday, the auction starts, so the 22 items that Madonna requested the judge declare off limits won't be on that auction block at the Gotta Have Rock and Roll Auction. The three items she was in a major uproar over included her DNA, the panties, and Tupac's letter.

DNA nightmare

Madonna said that she was peeved that these items were out among the public considering that just one strand of her hair could contain her DNA. She said she finds this "outrageous and grossly offensive," according to the Los Angeles Times. It may be hard to imagine Madonna finding anything "grossly offensive" because of all her antics in the past.

The New York Daily News reports that these items came from a former friend of Madonna's, Darlene Lutz. It seems Lutz helped Madonna pack up her Miami home. Included with the items that Lutz put up for auction was a letter that wasn't of a positive nature concerning Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone.

The letter talked about Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone being "horribly mediocre" and Madonna didn't seem to understand why she wasn't as popular at these two women. Madonna, of course, is a musician, but she tried her hand at acting and appeared in a few movies, but it never went any further than that for the "Material Girl."

Bashes talent of actress and singer

It sounded as if the topic of that letter concerning Houston and Stone was Madonna pondering, why them and not me?

Both women were at the height of their chosen professions at the time Madonna wrote that letter. As far as the letter from Shakur, he and Madonna were a couple for a while back in 1993. The letter that he wrote to Madonna was expected to fetch about $400,000, but it won't be auctioned off.

The letter had Tupac apologizing for behavior he exhibited. In the letter he writes, "Please... understand my previous position as that of a young man with limited experience with an extremely famous sex symbol." While no one is sure what he was referring to in that letter, he did serve a prison sentence just a month after the letter was written. He served time for sexual assault.

Auction house vows to get items back

The judge put a stop to the selling of the items Madonna claimed to still own at this auction, but the judge just halted the sale temporarily. There's still a court of law to argue in before the rightful owner of these items is decided upon. Lutz, along with a spokesperson from the auction house, released statements that convey that they are positive those items will return to the auction house one day.