Jeremy Meeks gained notoriety after his mugshot went viral. Captions called him PrisonBae and FelonBae as well as the hot felon. It seems that women were mesmerized by his good looks and many commented on Meeks' piercing blue eyes.

Now it seems that Meeks has managed to garner attention all over the world. After his release from prison, Jeremy Meeks was signed to a modeling contract and he seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Sadly, it looks like this newfound fame won't be good for the former criminal's marriage.

Jeremy Meeks caught kissing another woman

Just last week, pictures of Jeremy Meeks on a yacht started to circulate the internet. The felonious model has been living large over the last year or so and it's no surprise that he was spending part of his summer on the water. What was surprising, though, was that Jeremy was caught on camera in a lip lock with another woman.

It all happened during a vacation trip to Turkey. It seems that Meeks' Wife can't even compete with Jeremy's new lady. It turns out that she's a billionaire and apparently, she has a thing for bad boys.

It's no secret that Meeks has been married long before he ever got famous. So when he was caught kissing Chloe Green, the Topshop heiress, on board that big boat, everyone wanted to know what his wife thought about it.

Melissa Meeks speaks out

It didn't take long for Jeremy's wife Melissa to peep the pictures of her husband having an affair right in front of her face (and the world.) Maybe he doesn't understand how the paparazzi works and got a quick lesson in nothing is a secret when you're a celebrity.

No matter what the case, Melissa is heartbroken. She and Jeremy have been married for more than 10 years. She's stayed by his side through his incarceration and it looks like he's not even trying to stick around for his ride or die now that he's gained a bit of fame and fortune.

Melissa told the Daily Mail that she had no idea who Chloe Green even was.

She assumed her husband was working since his job now is to jet set all over the world as a high fashion model. Melissa has said she won't put up with Jeremy's infidelity even if he is famous now. Instead, the long-suffering nurse says she is getting a divorce.

Melissa even admitted that after she saw the pictures that were circulating worldwide, she talked to her husband. Jeremy Meeks reportedly apologized to his wife and admitted that she didn't deserve to be cheated on. Despite that, neither of them believe the marriage can be saved and agreed to go ahead and end it already.