Rob Kardashian's recent outburst on social media has his ex, Blac Chyna heading to court for a restraining order. Will the drama will play out on the former couple's Reality TV show, "Rob & Chyna"? Is Momager Kris Jenner filming all of this nonsense for an upcoming episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

That leads to a bigger question — is E! all done with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna? The network confirms that the "KUWTK" spinoff — "Rob & Chyna" — isn't on their schedule. However, they are putting the ball in the Kardashian's court as to whether the show will be canceled or remain on hold.

Otherwise known as waiting for Kris Jenner to say, "yes" or "no."

E! sets the record straight

Blac Chyna's attorney, Lisa Bloom, confirmed on Twitter that she is heading to court on Monday to seek a restraining order against Rob. However, Variety states that the "legal drama won't have any impact" on whether "Rob & Chyna" resumes filming. The show was taken off E!'s schedule before Rob started ranting on Instagram and Twitter and, so far, it has not been canceled.

E! is waiting for word from the Kardashian family as to whether or not "Rob and Chyna" will be back for another season. And "KUWTK" fans know that decisions like this are usually made by Kris Jenner. Now that E! has confirmed that the network hasn't axed the show, it will be interesting to find out what Jenner's take is.

Rob and Chyna's relationship drama is reality TV-worthy, so don't be surprised if Kris decides to feature their feud on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Or she could greenlight another season of "R&C" and rename it "Rob and Sometimes Chyna." Because you know they will get back together and split — again.

For now, the show remains on hold, something that was addressed during an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." And although there are rumors that the drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna is being filmed for the upcoming season of "KUWTK," E!

states that the Kardashians' reality show "is not filming right now.”

What's next for Rob and Chyna?

Per her attorney, Lisa Bloom, Chyna will seek a restraining order against Rob on Monday, July 11 in an L.A. court. And there's more drama to come — Chyna may be doing more than just getting a restraining order.

According to Hollywood Life's sources, Blac Chyna allegedly has a sex tape that she's planning to release, one that she is shopping around to "humiliate Rob."

Whether or not Rob is featured in the sex tape, or if it even exists, is not known.

If the rumors are true, get ready for another round of Rob vs Chyna drama on social media.

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