Jeremy Vuolo took Jinger Duggar to Texas right after their wedding, which is fine and biblically sound for the Christian couple. The Bible says that once a person marries, there is a separation from the parents’ household and the new couple sets up a home of their own.

Jeremy Vuolo brought a new house for Jinger Duggar

The couple purchased a modest four-bedroom, two-bathroom house reportedly costing $185,000. The couple had a photo taken in front of the house that surfaced online. The address was unknown but fans were so interested that they did some digging and found the address via a real estate listing.

The house is perfect for a couple just starting a family. According to the Inquisitr, the house was possibly bought with the couple’s own savings. The Vuolo's did not get help from Jim Bob Duggar who has connections as he is a successful real estate agent. If they did, Jinger's father could have helped them acquire a much bigger house.

Jim Bob and his wife Michelle Duggar openly expressed their desire to have their married children live near their home but Jeremy and Jinger opted to live in Texas far from the Duggar compound. Being a pastor in a church in Laredo, Texas, his hometown, could be one of the reasons why they have to stay there. Besides, he probably wants to prove that he can provide for his wife independently.

It can be recalled that when Jeremy and Jinger talked with the Duggars about their plans to tie the knot, Jim Bob advised Jeremy to find a second job because the salary of a pastor is minimal. Now, the former professional soccer player has saved up and purchased a house for their future family.

Jinger Duggar found a loving and responsible man in Jeremy Vuolo

Jinger Duggar is happy in her marriage and Jeremy is very expressive about his love and faithfulness to Jinger. In an Instagram post, Jinger shared a photo of them with a caption that reveals how Jeremy loves her. The caption says that Jeremy went out on a date with Jinger but earlier during the day, he brought a bouquet of yellow roses to be given to her later.

When the dessert was brought out, it was accompanied with the bunch of flowers that made her so happy.

According to The Hollywood Gossip Jana Duggar helped the new couple to decorate the house. While they were discussing the floor plan, Jana mentioned that one of the four bedrooms will become a nursery. This has fired up speculations that the couple is already pregnant with their first child. There is a belief that it is bad luck to prepare a nursery before a pregnancy, so it is presumed to be a huge probability that Jinger Duggar is pregnant.