Although it is still more than a year before ''Westworld' Season 2 returns on HBO, its cast members are now busy preparing for their comeback. The science fiction television series’ production is about to start this July, thus its stars are now starting their training and costume fitting.

In an Instagram post, James Marsden, who portrays as Teddy Flood, appears busy preparing to reprise his role as the series' cowboy. Evan Rachel Wood, on the other hand, also shared a snap showing her trial dress.

The start of the filming

"Westworld quick draw training!" James Marsden captioned his short video on Instagram.

Evidently, the 43-year-old star is now preparing for his return in "Westworld" Season 2 as he is seen practicing his quick skills to draw a gun. Fans will once again see their favorite cowboy doing much better in the coming second installment of the western thriller drama.

"Corset training has started again," Evan Rachel Wood captioned her snap. The 29-year-old star gave her fans a glimpse of her back while wearing her costume in the show’s second season. She also implied that the costume fitting just meant one thing and that was the return of her character as the daughter of Peter Abernathy (Louis Herthum).

"A certain TV show is starting again very soon," she teased. According to My Entertainment World, the second chapter of the Anthony Hopkins-starrer will begin its filming on July 10 in Moab, Utah, and Santa Clarita, California.

The city on the southern edge of Grand County will be the location of the Western scenes while the third largest city in Los Angeles County will be the set of the main offices of Delos.

The park’s history and backstory

'Westworld' Season 2 will be featuring a time jump. However, fans will still see the effect of the events that happened in the show’s previous season.

At the recent Remote Controlled Podcast by Variety, the series creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan talked about the future of the television drama’s second installment. Here, the former revealed that its stakes and scopes will be "increasing dramatically."

Also, viewers might see more of Dr. Robert Ford’s (Anthony Hopkins) backstory to know more about the Wild West–themed amusement park.

Jonathan Nolan explained that the sacrifice the Park Director did was "very real." The presence of the show’s characters will be more felt here to fill the gaps of the place’s early history. Fans will now know what is really happening inside the amusement park as they are about to delve deeper into the show’s story. The creators, too, teased that the second installment will be "twice as ambitious" as its first installment.