Ashley Graham is too hot to handle, it seems. Several designer fashion houses refused to clothe the plus-size model for her British Vogue cover girl pictures even though she'd busted open Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition to bigger women. The plucky supermodel didn't let fat discrimination slow her. The popular model appeared in a jaw-dropping spread for the January 2017 issue thanks to one pro-active designer. Others are following suit including a Kardashian line. But Graham's got her eyes on a higher prize--the Victoria's Secret runway. She's even rethinking weight loss and plans to exploit the obesity.

Coach wows with hurried wardrobe for Ashley Graham

Fashion house Coach picked up Ashley Graham after other fat-shaming designers "flat-out" ditched her. Coach had to think outside the garment box to create clothing not in their normal size range for the overweight model. Designers opted for a retro Clash-inspired WWII coverall with combat boots. It might be thought to have hidden the curves but her wardrobe actually accentuated them. It was a new look for a model and for Vogue, and that's what Graham's gunning to break--the stereotypical skinny girl fashion trend.

Look out VS runway, here comes Ashley Graham

Graham has a plus-size Barbie Doll designed to look like her. She was the first plus-size model in the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition.

Many expected the ostensibly chauvinist men's magazine would be the last bastion against obesity and overweight models. But It was among the first to welcome big beautiful women. The final frontier where thin dominates would be Victoria's Secret. VS doesn't even carry plus sizes, let alone clothing for obese women. So Ashley takes this as a personal challenge to change that.

Ashley Graham finds ally in Khloe Kardashian

Obesity and Khloe Kardashian might seem like odd bedfellows. The reality TV Kardashians are obsessed with weight loss and plastic surgery. Yet her new line of jeans called Good American Denim offer sizes from 0-24. What's noticeably missing aren't the big 2X-3X sizes, but the anorexia-tiny size 00!

Is Kardashian cheering obesity or is she just a smart business woman who realizes that more women are heavier than smaller? Graham famously lost weight and was faulted for kowtowing to model fashion standards. Now she's thinking that to drop pounds might make her a hypocrite. Melissa McCarthy shed a lot of weight and her clothing line is all about the curvier women.