Vogue editor and former friend to Melania Trump, Andre Leon Talley weighed in on the first lady's style choice and impeccable Manners.

Melania's fashionable style

According to CNN, Talley said Melania's fashion secret is she is very selective about the clothes that she wears. She only selects items that she knows will look great on her. Also, Mrs. Trump has confidence that draws people to her.

Trump's manners will help her as the first lady

Talley praised Melania as having excellent manners. He helped her plan her wedding. Talley thought she would be arrogant because she was marrying billionaire Donald Trump, but she was charming and warm to everyone.

As for the wedding dress, she chose a John Galliano Dior dress which cost $230,000. He remembers that the gown took over eight hours to fit.

Why he isn't friends with Melania anymore

Talley admitted that he isn't friends with Mrs. Trump. At first, he was hesitant to explain what led to their falling out, but eventually, he revealed why they don't talk anymore. Talley stated that it was nothing against Melania, but she married Mr. Trump. Talley said he didn't want to be part of the Trumpland lifestyle, so he severed ties with the first lady.

Do you think Melania Trump has great style and manners?