The hit medieval-themed TV series from History Channel, "Vikings" is currently in hiatus and the excitement of the fans has been building up. The good news is, "Vikings" Season 5 participated in the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con and a lot of major details and spoilers about the series were spilled.

According to TV Line, "Vikings" season 5 air date was announced at the event, all set for a two-hour season premiere episode on November 29. The second trailer for the series was also released during the Comic-Con, revealing more spoilers for the upcoming season.

The first part of the new trailer revealed the possibility of the rise of a new king to replace the fallen ruler.

Aside from a new trailer, a new cast member was also introduced, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He will be joining the line-up of series regulars - Alex Hogh Andersen, Katheryn Winnick and Gustaf Skarsgard.

Of civil wars and tragedy

Piecing the two "Vikings" season 5 trailers together reveal a looming civil war in the series. If that happens, all hell would definitely break loose and numerous tragic deaths would ensue. In fact, the fans were already given a sneak peek of the tragedies brought about by the civil war - sailing amid heavy storms, decapitated heads, blood-smeared warriors and an overall chaotic epic battle.

The trailers are already conditioning the minds of the fans that all hell will really break loose in "Vikings" season 5 to the point where someone could say that the end of the world has begun. Speaking of the world, History Channel's SVP of Scripted Programming, Artur Interian, revealed that the upcoming season will be taking the viewers to uncharted lands that have never been seen before in the series.

Hail Ivar the Boneless and Queen Lagertha

According to Deadline, "Vikings" season 5 will premiere will focus on two major characters - Ivar the Boneless and Queen Lagertha. Ivar will have his hands full as he tries to take over the Great Heathen Army. Meanwhile, Lagertha is enjoying her authority and power as the Queen Of Kattegat.

Meanwhile, Ragnar's sons will be busy plotting their next moves after successfully avenging the death of their father. It was mentioned earlier that season 5 will be exploring uncharted lands and it appears that Bjorn will be the character to begin such journey.

Floki, on the other hand, wants to end his journey in life after the death of his wife, Helga. He eventually decides to go to the sea and offer himself to the gods.