“The Defenders” series will be doing for television what the first “Avengers” did for Marvel films back in 2012. It will be a spectacle, there is no doubt about it, creating a culmination of four distinct story lines that viewers have invested numerous hours in over the last two and a half years. Mediocrity will not be an option for this much-touted mini-series, and by the looks of things, Marvel and Netflix seem to have the situation under control.

Fans of the series were given a huge bonus recently during the San Diego Comic-Con when a second trailer was released for their viewing pleasure.

Critics were even given a screening of the first episode, and based on the early review, it looks like Netflix has managed to deliver yet again.

Team Dynamics

The second trailer (which you can check out below) is a good 2.44 minutes of highly relevant action and information. We barely got to see the team in action in the first trailer, but this one features them not just fighting, but also bickering, taunting and helping each other.

We get a real glimpse at the dynamics of “The Defenders,” and we can already tell that they stay true to the characters that we have come to know and love from their individual series. Watching the powers operate in unison is just as powerful as watching Captain America use his shield to direct a laser beam from Iron Man towards baddies in “The Avengers.”

The Dark Forces

The most interesting element of the trailer was perhaps watching Sigourney Weaver represent the forces that “The Defenders” will face-off during the course of the mini-series.

Her dialogue with Elektra tells us a lot about the mindset of The Hand and those who fight for the organization.

On the other hand, we also saw a glimpse of the extended family of “The Defenders,” including Elektra in action which was pure gold. The mini-series is 52 episodes in the making, and all the pieces are clearly falling in place for the most important Marvel television event yet.

Early Reviews

As is tradition, Marvel managed to give fans more than just a trailer by also releasing the first episode of the series for critics. The early reviews have usually worked in their favor (with the exception of “Iron Fist”), and it looks like the tradition is set to continue this time around as well with “The Defenders.”

Most of the early reviews have been really positive, with websites like Gizmodo calling the season premiere “Awesome”, and that it was even “better than its big screen big brother” (“The Avengers”) simply because fans got to spend more time with these four heroes.

All in all, things couldn’t be looking any better if you were looking forward to binge-watching “The Defenders.” All eight episodes are set to release on August 18th, so you can join us here again soon after for the full review.