"Only the Brave" was directed by Joseph Kosinski. The screenplay for the movie was co-written by Ken Nolan and Eric Warren Singer. The movie explores the wildfire known as the Yarnell Hill Fire which occurred in 2013. The focus is on the firefights are they battle they way through the fires and unfortunately lose 19 of their own members. Casting includes Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Connelly and Josh Brolin.

The trailer can be watched online

The trailer of "Only the Brave" dropped this week online. It shows the dangers that the firefighters will have to face as they set out to control the wildfire.

They are shown camped out with the backdrop of members in the distance. The fire is out of control as it destroys the surrounding forest. It is a beautiful and terrifying sight. An image of a bear made from embers jumping towards the screen symbolizes the killer attitude of the flames.

The determination of the firemen is also explored in the trailer. New comer Miles Teller brings the audience into the world of the firefights as he joins them to become a certified fireman. The firehouse he joins is one which has been training diligently for the past four years to tackle wildfires. The sacrifices that the firemen have to make are also shown as their wives say goodbye to them, possibly for the last time, as they head out to perform their duty.

The character played by Miles Teller recently has a baby girl before heading out to tackle the flames. The connections of firefights have with their families solidifies the emotional tethers of the movie and is sure to make the audience cry.

Based on real life events

The Yarnell Hill Fire is based on true events. The fire occurred back in 2013 and spread rapidly throughout Prescott Arizona.

It was ignited by lightning and the Granite Mountain Hotshots were soon the scene trying to control the flames. This wildfire was the deadliest wildfire since 1991 which killed a total of 25 firefighters. The Yarnell Hill Fire consumed 19 of the Granite Mountain Hotshots in its terrifying blaze.

"Only the Brave" is a tribute movie to the events of that day.

It celebrates the lives and sacrifices that firemen all over America have to make on behalf of their country. "Only the Brave" will also act as a way to forever remember those lost in the flames on that fateful day in 2013.

"Only the Brave" is due to be released in US theaters on October 20. The release date has been extended by a month as Sony has taken over the movie from Lionsgate.