It is time for a new season of "The Real Housewives of orange county" and Vicki Gunvalson is now speaking out and defending Brooks Ayers. These two aren't together anymore, but that isn't keeping Vicki from talking about him. This season Vicki will have her new boyfriend Steve Lodge on the show by her side. Brooks Ayers is totally gone from the show and has moved on with his life.

What did Vicki have to say about Brooks?

First off, vicki gunvalson says that it has been about two years since she spoke to Brooks Ayers and they are totally done. Vicki explained to E!

News' Melanie Bromley about her thoughts on Brooks Ayers. She really wants everyone to know that he isn't the bad guy that the show made it look like at all. Vicki said, "He wasn't this monster in my life. He wasn't. The viewers may think he was, but he wasn't. Did he turn into a monster towards the end? He did a lot of weird ass crazy things that I still don't understand because I don't talk to him."

This was kind of odd coming from Vicki considering that Brooks Ayers and her aren't even speaking now. Vicki's daughter made it very clear that she doesn't like Brooks or want him in their life at all. Vicki did say that Brooks wasn't exactly the man she thought he was, but she wants everyone to know he isn't a monster either.

What does Vicki Gunvalson want to ask Brooks Ayers?

She did admit that if she had the chance to ask Brooks Ayers something, she would want to do it. Vicki would want to know exactly why he revealed bad records about his cancer. Everyone was shocked when they heard that Brooks was lying about his cancer, but several people thought he hadn't been telling the truth for a long time.

Vicki went on to explain that she isn't with Donn anymore because it didn't work, even though she will always love him. Vicki is doing great with her new man Steve. This season is the first time that the viewers will get to see Vicki with Steve and see how things go for them. It does look like Vicki Gunvalson might have finally found her match.

Everyone would love to see her in love and happy with someone that her friends and family approve of and like having around.

Are you shocked to hear Vicki Gunvalson defending Brooks Ayers? Do you feel like she is really done with him? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" on Monday nights on ABC. This season looks like it is going to be totally full of drama.