Usher is accused of paying a woman $1.1 million over a lawsuit she filed. The woman claimed that after she had a sexual encounter with the singer, she ended up getting herpes.

According to People, the woman who filed the lawsuit is a celebrity stylist, who has not been identified in the court records. Usher was reportedly diagnosed with herpes between the years 2009 and 2010. The 38-year-old also filed for divorce from his former wife, Tameka Foster, during those years.

Foster was asked about her health and said in a post on Instagram that she is healthy.

She also told people to stop going to her page just to discuss rumors that have nothing to do with her.

What are the woman’s claims?

Per the woman, Usher reportedly withheld information about his diagnosis consciously and purposefully from the celebrity stylist. He then continued to have unprotected intercourse with the woman, but it was not stated for how many times they had contact.

Usher also allegedly told the woman that he tested negative for herpes even after there was a greenish discharge from his private part. Later, the woman suffered from vaginal sores and also had fevers and chills. She underwent the test for herpes, and the results later returned positive.

Alleged victim suffering from depression and emotional distress

Because she knows that herpes has no cure, the celebrity stylist is reportedly suffering from emotional distress and is depressed. She also feels that her health and body has since deteriorated after the diagnosis.

Court records showed that Usher initially paid $2, 754.50 for the medical bills of the woman.

This was in 2012. Months later, he settled with the woman for $1.1 million for the alleged herpes lawsuit.

Usher feels embarrassed over herpes reports

Usher and his team have not officially released any statement confirming or denying the reports. Hollywood Life reported, however, that a source said the singer feels embarrassed and horrible over the scandal.

The source added that Usher does not want to talk about it and hopes people will soon forget about it. He believes that the scandal will die down just like other Hollywood scandals.

It is unclear if Usher will face other charges if the reported court records are true. Per California law, it is illegal to knowingly transmit any form of STD.

No other women have come forward with the claim that they got herpes from Usher. The singer is now married to Grace Miguel. They have been together since 2015.

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