20Th Century Fox has chosen to develop a new comic book movie based on the villain, Dr. Doom. The character mostly shows up to fight the Fantastic Four. So far, the villain has made his presence felt in three “Fantastic Four” movies, the last one being a major flop at the box office.

The news of the unnamed Dr. Doom Movie came during the panel for FX’s Marvel smash hit, “Legion.” Showrunner Noah Hawley announced at the panel that he’s working on a new film, and he described this project using two words: Doctor Doom.

Fox still has hope in ‘Fantastic Four.’

After the failure that was the last “Fantastic Four,” no one expected Fox to do anything with the characters for a long time. Additionally, some fans were expecting the studio to return the characters to Marvel, but this is clearly not going to happen.

With the release of Dr. Doom, Marvel will be holding on to the rights of the Fantastic Four characters for quite some time. Furthermore, it seems as if the studio is working to reboot the franchise since Dr. Doom was killed in the previous film during his battle with the Fantastic Four.

Looking at “Legion,” it’s clear Noah Hawley has an eye for comic book adaptations, which is why he’s the perfect man for the job.

The movie could return the "Fantastic Four" characters to the glory days of the comic books.

Fox needs good directors

A director can make or break a film, and that’s the problem the DC Extended Universe has been fighting with for years. Fox is no different in this department since the director of the last Fantastic Four movie turned out to be garbage.

Should this film based around Dr. Doom turns out to be a solid entry in 20th Century Fox’s cinematic universe, then fans would love to see Hawley revive the “Fantastic Four” for another round. The characters have enormous potential, especially with the quality villains Fox has at its disposal.

It should be interesting to see if the Dr.

Doom related movie is an origin story or an entirely new story told from the perspective of the man himself. Several studios have found success when telling sympathetic stories for villains. Disney’s “Maleficent” is a prime example.

By sympathizing with Dr. Doom, Fox could take things further by making him the primary villain in other films.

Outside of the unnamed Dr. Doom film, Fox is looking to bring Gambit to the big screen. Furthermore, the next film in the pipeline is no other than “Deadpool 2,” the sequel to the critically acclaimed, “Deadpool.” This movie proves the world wants R-rated superhero films.