FOX had the rights to both the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, which were arguably some of the most important Marvel Comics characters in history. The X-Men have always been one of the bestselling comics in Marvel history and the Fantastic Four were the very first Marvel team. While the X-Men movies have been wildly successful, Fox still hasn't gotten The Fantastic Four right. According to producer Simon Kinberg in an interview with Collider, fans shouldn't expect to see another Fantastic Four movie until they can finally get the script and story right for a change.

The first two 'Fantastic Four' movies

The first two movies came out around the same time as Spider-Man and predated the Marvel Avengers movies. While the first movie was fun and kept the spirit that made the Fantastic Four a family and a team, it didn't overwhelm everyone. For one thing, the movie really dropped the ball on Doctor Doom, the most famous Fantastic Four villain. The second movie really disappointed fans of the comics. They chose to use Galactus as the villain and he was horribly created. Even a great performance captured Silver Surfer couldn't save that movie from critical and fan dismissal.

The 2015 'Fantastic Four' effort

It took a long time to get back into theaters, but Fox recast the Fantastic Four with younger actors and took on a lot of the direction from the Ultimate Universe fantastic Four comics.

That meant a lot more angst and a more scientific slant. The movie was really interesting in the first half but completely fell apart in the second half when they entered the Negative Zone. Once again, the movie completely screwed up Doctor Doom and most critics and fans just dismissed the movie as a failure. In an era where fans have fallen in love with superhero movies, this was a huge disappointment for Fox.

The future of The Fantastic Four

According to Simon Kinberg, Fox is still happy with the cast they brought together for the 2015 movie. While he said he would love to bring the same cast back to try to get it right the second time out, he said that they won't make the movie until they believe it is time to make it. With Miles Teller and Michael B.

Jordan becoming Hollywood players, they won't wait around forever.

Of course, most fans want to see The Fantastic Four at Marvel but as far as Simon Kinberg has let on, Fox isn't letting go anytime soon.