Tyler Posey is a well-known actor. He rose to fame through his role as Scott Mccall on the MTV series "Teen Wolf." Posey has been on the series since its very first season. The final season of the series is currently underway. Tyler Posey got the opportunity to say goodbye to the show in a unique way as he took fans on a tour of the set. The actor has opened up about the opportunities he was afforded by being a member of "Teen Wolf".

Posey talks about directing an episode

Tyler Posey has recently opened up about the final season of "Teen Wolf." He talked about the opportunities that the show has given him both as an actor and a person.

According to Cinema Blend, Tyler told fans of the show that he has always been unsure about acting. "Teen Wolf" allowed him to overcome his nerves and develop as an actor. He also stated that the show allowed him to try his hand at directing.

Tyler made a statement about making the leap from acting the directing. The star was extremely grateful that he was offered this opportunity and said that he always wanted to try out being the director. He stated that it was a huge passion of his and he was afraid he would not be given the opportunity.

The "Teen Wolf" actor is very thankful that he was able to carry out one of his passions on the set of a show very close to his own heart. He had plenty of support as he tried his hand at acting.

He stated that the cast and crew were extremely co-operative and made the entire experience even more memorable for him.

The farewell tour to the set of 'Teen Wolf'

Actor Tyler Posey took time after the last day of shooting to take some fans on a tour of the set of "Teen Wolf". Posey walked the fans around the set kissing some inanimate objects along the way.

According to MTV Posey was very emotional on the last day of shooting. He has been a part of the "Teen Wolf" family for several years. The end of the series marks a new beginning for the actor.

The star got to say a final goodbye to the set in a unique way. He reminisced about where "Teen Wolf" all began on a special video on the MTV website.

Posey stated that it was very difficult to say goodbye to the place that was like a second home to him for so many years.

Tyler Posey has not commented on what is next for him. "Teen Wolf" co-star Dylan O' Brien has already managed to break into the film industry and is starring in the upcoming movie "American Assassin". It has been confirmed that Posey will make an appearance at the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.