Tom Cruise has been busy getting ready for the filming of the "Top Gun" sequel "Top Gun 2." The Sequel Movie was announced earlier this year in 2017. Tom Cruise has signed up for the highly-anticipated sequel movie. As of yet, he is the only member of the original cast to be seen in association with the movie. Cruise has been practicing his flying skills he will need to use in "Top Gun 2." The star was recently photographed with a flight crew before getting on board a helicopter.

The actor takes a helicopter for a spin

According to the Daily Mail, Tom Cruise has been spotted working hard on the sequel of "Top Gun." Photographs of the star on set have been leaked on the internet.

They show Cruise passing stationed emergency ambulances and their crew as he heads to a helicopter. The actor is seen exchanging some words with a flight team before he climbs on board the vehicle. Cruise was then seeing flying off for some practice in the helicopter as he tried out some of the skills needed for "Top Gun 2."

This was just a practice run for the actor as filming is due to take place later this year. "Top Gun 2" was announced by Cruise in May of this year. The crew is busy at work practicing some of the sequences for the movie. There is a lot of technicalities that Cruise has to be aware of when flying the helicopter. The production team is trying to make the maneuvers with the helicopter as smooth as they possibly can.

There is no doubt that extra precautions are being taken with the flights with "Top Gun 2." In 2015 there was a crash which killed two pilots, happening during shooting for Cruise's movie "American Made." The family of the deceased are now suing producers for wrongful death.

The highly-anticipated sequel

"Top Gun 2" was announced earlier this year.

According to The Sun, Cruise is the only original actor from the first movie who has signed on for the sequel. This explains why Cruise has been the only actor getting ready for the filming of the movie later this year. The sequel movie comes three decades after "Top Gun" and Cruise was more than happy to jump on board.

"Top Gun 2" has been given a provisional release date of 2019.

Cruise is taking on the role of pilot Maverick in the sequel. The 55-year-old is determined to be as prepared as possible for the stunts required for the movie. Cruise has often been credited with performing his own stunts in many of his movies.

Tom Cruise has not commented on the work he is currently doing for the sequel. However, he has been photographed by the paparazzi hard at work for "Top Gun 2."