Kelly Clarkson was the target of online bullying yesterday. The star posted a picture to social media where she was attacked for her weight by a member of the public. However, the star handled the bullying with grace as she took down the hater with a simple comment.

Clarkson was targeted by a body shamer

This is not the first time that 35-year-old Kelly Clarkson has been targeted because of her weight. According to Cosmopolitan, Clarkson has revealed in the past that she has dealt with body shamers. The star admitted that it was simply part of the music industry and one has to take it in their stride.

Kelly has been forced to grow a thick skin over the course of her career due to online bullying.

She was enjoying the 4Th Of July and posted an image to social media. She left a message thanking those in the service who fought for freedom and independence. A man on the internet left a comment on this image stating that the star was fat. However, Clarkson handled this with overwhelming grace simply replying to the comment with, and still f**cking awesome.

While Clarkson wishes that people would just accept each other no matter what their size, she also welcomes the opportunity to talk about the bullying. The star has revealed that it gives her the chance to stand up for herself. Fans have found this commendable as Clarkson not only draws attention to online bullying but also the stigma surrounding weight.

Kelly has said that she enjoys being able to educate people and open their minds.

Fans have taken to social media to show their support

Fans have been celebrating Kelly Clarkson's handling of the situation. They have shown their support across social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They have praised the stars self-confidence and many have posted pictures of the star in retaliation stating how beautiful she is.

Fans also included some memes of the stars confident take down of the hater.

Some of Clarkson's own fans quickly shot back at the bully. However, he then turned his attention to them and began to leave rude messages to the singer's fans. It appears that this individual was simply looking for someone to bash and he picked the wrong person.

Clarkson's fans have banded together and told the man off, especially as he turned his hate on them. Hopefully, the individual will refrain from such behavior in the future.

Kelly Clarkson has not only had to deal with this kind of abuse online. Back in 2015, she revealed to Ellen Degeneres that she has dealt with slurs and comments for years. The star has said when she was on "American Idol" she was often called the biggest contestant even though she was not exceptionally heavy. However, Clarkson refuses to let the comments get to her and continues about her life.