James Cromwell is famous for his works in “The Green Mile,” “Star Trek: First Contact,” "Babe," and “American Horror Story: Asylum.” The actor gained popularity when he portrayed Farmer Hoggett in “Babe” back in 1995. Movie-Phone cited The Times Herald-Record as reporting that a few weeks ago, the 77-year-old star participated in a protest in New York and was arrested after he refused to pay a fine. James has now been sentenced to seven days in Orange County Jail.

New York power plant protest

The New York power plant protest took place back in 2015.

James Cromwell joined a group of protesters who were demonstrating against the threat of the CPV Valley Energy Center in Orange County. They claimed that the emissions from the power plant were contaminating the air to a great extent and would worsen the environment in coming days as it emits carbon dioxide and other similar gases. A point of contention is also the fact that they oppose the company's use of fracked natural gas," New York Upstate reported. James lived in a neighboring town to the power plant and wanted to raise awareness about the issue.

The protests held up traffic and in the end, six protesters were given fines, including Cromwell. The authorities were brought in, and the matter took a serious form in no time.

According to Movie Fone, the protest ruined the reputation of James Cromwell to a great extent.

He did not pay the fine

The “Babe” and “American Horror Story: Asylum” actor reportedly did not pay a $370 fine after police arrested him during the protests in Wawayanda. He is one of the six individuals found guilty of obstructing traffic at the site of the power plant.

It is not the first time James has been arrested for creating awareness over social issues. Back in 2013, he protested against an experiment being conducted on dogs at the University of Wisconsin.

Other celebs who were arrested for protesting

While James's arrest is creating a lot of controversy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is not the first time that we have seen celebs participating in protests.

In recent years, several famous actors have been arrested and sentenced to jail for standing their ground during protests. For example, “Feud” actress Susan Sarandon was arrested by the police while protesting over the shooting of Amadou Diallo.

Shailene Woodley also participated in protests against the Dakota Access Pipelines on Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's reservations. In 2012, Even George Clooney was arrested for voicing his opinion about the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. The star paid a $120 fine and was charged with a misdemeanor.