The original "Top Gun" movie was released in 1986. Tom Cruise took on the role of Pete Mitchell and gained immense popularity because of the franchise. "Top Gun 2" will be released 33 years after the first movie. While the director has not been chosen as of yet, it looks like Joseph Kosinski is the leading candidate. He has worked with Cruise previously on the movie "Oblivion".

Cruise had previously been working towards a sequel

According to Variety, Tom Cruise was working on a "Top Gun" sequel previous to this announcement. The star was working alongside Tony Scott, who was the director of the original "Top Gun" movie.

Both him and Cruise were very excited at the prospect of a sequel. The pair were busy preparing the deal for a sequel when, unfortunately, Scott passed away.

This put a halt to the movement towards "Top Gun 2." However, rumors began to surface over the past few years that a sequel was in the talks. A photograph of Tom Cruise and "Top Gun" producer Jerry Bruckheimer sent fans of the original movie into a frenzy. The photograph's caption included discussion of "Top Gun 2" and fans have been anxiously awaiting for more news.

Cruise gave some hints about what fans can expect

According to Digital Spy, Cruise teased fans last month with some information about "Top Gun 2". The star stated that the tone of the original movie will translate over to the sequel.

He also teased that the Aviators are back, a joke referring to his classic sunglasses from the first film. As for his character, Cruise has told the media that the second installment in the franchise is going to be a progression story for Maverick.

The storyline of the sequel will surround moral dilemmas as the nature of warfare has changed. Cruise has stated that the veteran pilots will be struggling with drone warfare and the fact that they may become redundant in the future.

This leaves the characters wondering what their place is as machines could very possibly be taking over their jobs. Cruise has also hinted that the sequel could be called "Top Gun: Maverick".

It will certainly be interesting to see how fans will receive the "Top Gun" sequel. Paramount has given the release date of July 12, 2019. Production is expected to begin before the end of the year.

Original executive producer of "Top Gun," Jerry Bruckheimer will be working on the sequel alongside actor Tom Cruise. There has been no comment as to whether or not other members of the original movie will be joining them for the sequel.

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