Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift took a few shots at each other on social media following their controversial breakup in 2016. Their sudden separation made frenzy in the headlines when the 33-year old DJ apparently ranted in a series of angry tweets directed at his ex-girlfriend claiming that the pop star was allegedly trying to "tear" him down.

As per the latest reports from Billboard, the Scottish producer recalls his feud with Swift as he explained why he "Snapped" shortly after they had officially called it quits. Shortly after it was revealed that Swift reportedly co-wrote his chart-topping single "This is What You Came For," Harris wrote several tweets directed at Swift's camp.

'I snapped'

Seemingly reflecting on the incident and looking back at how he acted at the time, Harris said, "It was completely the wrong instinct. I was protecting what I see as my one talent in the world being belittled. It felt like things on top of me and that was when I snapped."

It is not known yet if Harris and Swift are now in speaking terms, but his recent statements sounded like he has completely moved on from the breakup and now coming out more positive. When he launched his rants on Twitter, the exes had already ended their relationship and the "Bad Blood" singer had started dating "Crimson Peak" actor Tom Hiddleston at the time.

The hardworking DJ has recently released his fifth studio album "Funk Way Bounces" Volume 1 on June 30, Friday.

Several months have already passed since the controversial split, but the former love birds are still being bombarded with rumors and whispers about their past.

Furthermore, it has been speculated that some of his latest singles might be throwing shade directed at the red-lipped singer. However, he has yet to release a statement regarding the rumors so this remains nothing but a speculation.

On the other hand, Swift, 27, who has been out of the limelight as of late, has yet to give her response to Harris's statement, respectively.

Was the breakup difficult to get over with for Calvin Harris?

Harris and Swift did not talk about the true reason behind their breakup. However, rumors were quick to claim that the separation was very difficult for Calvin Harris to get over.

He once admitted that he really didn't think Swift's camp would go out of their way to destroy him, saying that he wouldn't just stand idly when something he considers "so personal plays out very publicly."

However, it does not really explain the truth about their breakup and why their short-lived romance ended so suddenly. While Harris was careful about explaining the whole thing in details, he didn't deny the fact that the aftermath of the breakup turned out more difficult to handle because it even went more publicized than the relationship itself.