"Pretty Much" are a new Boy Band discovered and signed by Simon Cowell. Cowell has been hiding the band's existence for nearly a year now as they were formed back in 2016. It is no surprise that this coincides with the break up of "One Direction." "Pretty Much" released their very first track "Would You Mind" yesterday. The new boy band is already being compared to "One Direction" who were also signed to Syco Records.

The boys were discovered by Cowell

According to E! Entertainment, the members of the new boy band "Pretty Much" were discovered by Simon Cowell.

The band consists of four teens from America and one from Canada. The members are Austin Porter, Brandon Arrega, Edwin Honoret, Nick Mara and Zion Kuwonu. Brandon Arrega is the youngest of the group of teens at only 17-years-old. With "One Direction" calling it quits back in 2016 there has been an opening in the market for the next boy band.

It appears that Simon Cowell has been working behind the scenes to claim this opening. He discovered and signed the boys to his record label Syco Music. The boys have been living in a Los Angeles home since 2016 last year. This shows that Cowell has been planning the creation of "Pretty Much" for a long time. The boys spent 2016 getting to know another other and writing songs for their upcoming album release.

The members of "Pretty Much" have been working alongside Savan Kotecha. Kotecha has previously worked alongside "One Direction", Ariana Grande and "The Weeknd." Simon is pulling out all the stops to have the boys ready to be launched into their careers.

The band recently released their very first single

According to Metro, Simon Cowell introduced the boy band "Pretty Much" to the world through releasing their very first single.

The boys were coached by Kotecha during the creation of the track titled "Would You Mind." The track was released yesterday and critics are already comparing the boys to former boy band "One Direction."

"Pretty Much" has already been signed on for their very first live performance. They have been confirmed for the 2017 Teen Choice Awards.

Fellow celebrities such as the Dolan twins, Lucy Hale, Chris Pratt, Tyler Posey and Janel Parrish will also be in attendance. The boys will be performing their new single "Would You Mind" for the crowds. There is already a huge expectation for the boy band as they were hand picked by Simon Cowell.

The 2017 Teen Choice Awards will be taking place in August. The boys are excited to finally be getting their music out there. Their first track "Would You Rather" was released yesterday and has already gained great reviews.