"American Made" was a movie released in 2015 that starred Tom Cruise. The filming for the movie was taking place in California. Stunts for the movie included shots of planes flying overhead and performing certain manoeuvres. During one of these flight sequences, an accident occurred as a plane with three pilots on board crashed. Two of the pilots were instantly killed and the third was left with life-changing injuries. The families of the deceased have taken the time to grieve and have now returned to sue the producers of the movie claiming that they did not obey the safety regulations associated with the plane.

A terrible accident

When the movie was back in its shooting phase, there was a scene that involved three pilots taking their plane to the sky. Unfortunately, the three pilots were involved in a terrifying crash when the twin engine Piper Smith Aerosmith 600 went down in the mountains. The cast and crew called the emergency services and rushed to the scene. Two of the pilots Alan Purwin and Carlos Berl did not survive the crash. According to the Times, Jimmy Lee Garland was left without any feeling in the lower parts of his body.

The Purwin and Berl families were left mourning the loss of their sons and husbands. There have been questions raised over the nature of the incident and the families' concerns that the producers rushed the flight sequence have been taken into consideration by the court.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Lee Garland was left recovering from the accident and has permanently lost the use of both his legs.

The producers of the movie are being sued

Purwin and Berl's families have decided to sue the producers of the movie. They were served with the charges of wrongful death and damages. In a questionable act, Carlos Berl's family is also suing the only survivor of the accident claiming that he was in charge of the plane.

However, Jimmy Lee Garland has stated that he was not the pilot of the plane. He stated that he was only there in the capacity of a mechanic.

Meanwhile, the family of Alan Purwin has stated that their son was not flying the plane either. As Garland has no memory of the event of the crash, he can not recall who was flying the plane at the time.

In further claims made by the families of the deceased, they also allege that the plane flight sequence was rushed by the producers as the filming had fallen behind schedule. They also argue that the terrain was not suitable for the type of maneuvering the producers wanted the pilots to perform.

As of yet, there has been no comment from any of the producers. The families are confident that they can win the lawsuit in the courts and hopefully draw some attention to the importance of these safety regulations.