A Plane crash is one of the worst things that could ever happen.This plane crash indirectly tells us that anything could happen in our life. The saddest part is losing our relatives and family over it. This plane crash took place near a beach in Pinones which happens to be the capital (east) of San Juan. Two were injured, and a fifteen-year-old teenager lost her life. After the plane had crashed near Culebra Island, people rushed to that spot to rescue them. The pilot and two American tourists were found having severe burns, but they couldn’t save the girl as they weren’t able to unbuckle her.

Many people swam out into the sea to try to save her, but an eruption of fire drove them away.

Persons who were on the plane:

The pilot along with two American tourists and a family with a 15-year-old teenager were traveling to Puerto Rico on the plane which was owned by a charter company of Puerto Rico. The charter offered services within the Caribbean Islands. The plane crash took place when it malfunctioned near the island of Culebra. The 15-year-old teenager who was traveling to Puerto Rico with her relatives was found dead. Her body was found near the east of Puerto Rico. Reports said that the 15-year-old couldn’t be rescued as they weren’t able to unbuckle the seatbelt. Several men rushed to that place to rescue the girl, but they couldn’t do it.

These traumatic incidents keep happening. We need to create some awareness because a fifteen-year-old died due to a plane malfunction. If people were trained to give basic first aid, then that might have helped them to rescue that kid who lost her life over something which she shouldn’t have.

Plane Crash near Culebra Island:

The plane plunged into the ocean when it got malfunctioned near the island. The American tourists and pilot were injured, but the 15-year-old couldn’t be rescued as the plane exploded after the crash. If they had unbuckled her seat, she would have survived. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as the fire drove many away from that site.

It’s sad that plane malfunctioning cost the life of a teenager who was traveling to her folk’s place. The girl’s body was later recovered, but police weren’t able to find the victim’s hometown. The pilot and other tourists were admitted to the hospital as they had severe burns.

Luckily they survived but the girl couldn’t. Just now we had experienced dreadful incident from Manchester and now this. It’s sad that people lose their lives over these things. Let’s just pray that our world shouldn’t experience these incidents in future.