Kylie Jenner is no stranger to her social media handles being hacked. This time it was her Snapchat Account, which was taken over by some unknown hacker.

Where all the drama began

On Sunday, July 23, the followers of the teen star were surprised with a screenshot of a snapcode with the username Chikri98 along with an interesting message, which stated “add for kylie jenners nudes!! Twitter “Chikri98.”

This one snap from Jenner’s snapchat account had sent her followers in a spiral. The alleged culprit tweeted that he had nudes of the model in his possession.

Despite this being a serious case of total invasion of privacy, Twitter still went crazy.

A publicity stunt from hackers?

The 19-year-old makeup mogul seemed unbothered by the hack and continued to post sultry images of herself on her Instagram handle. About an hour, later the hacker resurfaced and tweeted that he was joking about the nudes and just wanted his tweets to get pinned to the top. This is being considered as a cheap stunt by the hackers to gain followers.

The alleged hackers also tried to plug in their Instagram and another snapcode was shared along with it. Kylie seemed to have reclaimed the access to her snapchat account by the evening as she posted a picture of her dog with the caption “My Mans”.

This incident takes place just days after Kylie posed in a white midi dress for a racy Instagram shoot.

When her Twitter account got hacked

This is not the first time that the youngest sister from the Kardashian- Jenner clan has been in news for getting her social media handle hacked. In June 2016, her Twitter account was hacked and a number of lewd posts were shared from it.

Out of all the lewd tweets the most harrowing one stated that Kylie is talentless and yet so famous. She was seemingly unbothered as she was seen posting her videos and pictures on Snapchat.

The teen beauty said that she wasn’t even bothered about her Twitter getting hacked and she’ll just let the culprit amuse himself for as long as it pleased him.

There were also a series of tweets, which were directed towars A-listers like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

The hacker posted a tweet which spoke about an alleged sex tape of Kylie with ex-boyfriend, Tyga. To which Kylie was fast to respond to on her Snapchat handle clearing out any doubts about ever having a sex tape.

Kylie has realized with time that the social media - which has given her this glamorous life and made her world famous - comes with a flip side and she handles it like a complete pro!