Four Americans die in Australian Plane crash: - Just forty-five minutes before the Direct Factory Outlet Mall in suburban Essendon, Australia, was due to open, a flight crashed into a storage area killing four Americans. Tragically, some of the passengers on the flight came from the same neighborhood in Spicewood. KXAN News has reported that They were on a golfing holiday at the time. The pilot of the plane also died in the plane crash that killed the four Americans.

Americans killed in plane crash - Texas deaths

Officials stated that the American tourists were in a small plane on Tuesday which crashed shortly after takeoff from a Melbourne City Airport in Australia.

According to Police Minister Lisa Neville, the plane crash involved a twin-engine Beechcraft Super King Air. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot called in a 'Mayday' and declared a "catastrophic engine failure." It crashed and burst into flames, and despite medics and firefighters attending the scene within minutes, they were unable to save the lives of the five people on board.

The Americans who died in the plane crash in Australia were.

  • Greg Reynolds DeHaven
  • Russell Munsch
  • John Washburn and
  • Glenn Garland

DeHaven was 70 years old and according to a Facebook post by his sister, he was on a once in a lifetime dream holiday. KAN spoke to her and she said,"What I know at this time is that he and two of his friends decided to charter a plane to an island to golf, while others were off doing other entertainments.

His wife and other two wives were going shopping.” He was a retired FBI agent and has left behind three children and six grandchildren.

Washburn was a CPA and former president of the Barton Creek Lakeside board and Glen Garland was a co-founder of the company CLEAResults.

Munsch was doing what he loved when he died, enjoying relaxation after a long career as a successful founder of a law firm that has an office on Congress Avenue.

Plane that crashed was not new

The plane that crashed was not new and during their investigations, KXAN discovered that the " aircraft registry records in the United States and Australia for the plane involved in the crash," indicates that:

  • The aircraft was manufactured in 1996,
  • It was owned in Wichita, Kansas by a company, then appeared to be de-registered in 1997, and
  • Its latest current registry was reported listed in 2013 in Australia.

"It’s unclear when the plane may have been sold and shipped to the country during those years."

Texas is mourning the passing of its own and the well-wishers are saddened by the tragic deaths of Americans in the far away country of Australia.