The entire casts of "This Is Us" TV series has finally got back to work. The Pearson family has just started shooting the upcoming episodes for the show's next season. On Tuesday, the production went at Paramount Lot in Los Angeles in order to start the camera rolling.

Some photos of the production surfaced online as some of its cast members couldn't help but snap the first photo of them together at work. Meanwhile, Mandy Moore, one of the lead cast, also shared a photo snap on her Instagram account. It seemed that she was very excited reuniting with the entire casts. On the caption, she wrote, "Day 1 of Season 2."

First day of work

The 33-year old actress and producer have recorded her first day as she got back to work.

Apparently, Moore has shared several Instagram stories online. A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that Moore even took a photo of an early-morning sun from the location of their shoot.

In line with this, the series fans were also all excited upon learning that the most anticipated series has just got back filming. Further, Moore did not only shared a photo of her but at the same time, she also snapped a photo of one of the show's crew.

She has also shared a photo of her while sitting in her makeup chair preparing herself for the shoot. Apart from this recent news, the actress also shared some tidbits and spoilers of what viewers must expect from the upcoming season two.

'Big Three Homes' cap

As Moore chronicled her first day of work in "This Is Us" season 2, she also shared some teasers to her avid followers and fans.

In one of her photos posted online, the actress shared a snapped of a cap which has been imprinted with words, "Big Three Homes."

This drew out the speculations that Jack might finally have his own construction company in the upcoming season. Apparently, this is one of the most exciting things that viewers must look forward to. Meanwhile, Dan Fogelman, the series creator, also shared the different behind-the-scene photos of the production.

Fogelman has also shared online one of the first photos which featured both Moore and Ventimiglia at work. Alongside the said photo, the series creator also wrote a caption that says, "We're back baby." Another report from Entertainment Tonight further revealed that Moore once shared an Instagram video on Monday night and she added that she has been excited and nervous for their upcoming days of work.

Nevertheless, the TV series viewers now look forward to the day that "This is Us" season 2 finally airs on their TV screen.

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