"The Young and the Restless" viewers knew this day was coming, and now it is here. This is the end of the line for Greg Rikkart as Kevin Fisher. The fan favorite will say his final goodbye to Genoa City. He will ride off into the sunset with Bella who will be reunited with her mom Chloe.

Kevin leaves Genoa City with his family

On Monday Gloria's mother's instinct will kick in. She knows something is wrong but cannot put her finger on it. She is going to try her best to stop Kevin from leaving the town with her granddaughter. According to spoilers, Gloria will point out to her son that he does not like change.

His reply will be that he wants to get out of his comfort zone and there will be a tearful goodbye to Genoa City.

After Chloe's faked death, Gloria stepped up to the plate as a mother. She comforted her son in a non-judgmental manner and was even able to tolerate Esther. She bonded with her son in a way that the two had never been able to. Fans enjoyed seeing a softer side of Gloria, but now that bond is going to be ripped apart. Kevin leaving Genoa City behind also leaves many loose ends that at this time have no way of being tied up.

Loose ends on "The Young and the Restless"

Michael Muhney is slated to reprise his role as Adam Newman. If this is true, Chloe is not a murderer. Once she and Kevin are long gone with Bella, how will she ever find out and be released from her past?

Also, Victor is the mastermind behind everything that led up to his son's alleged death. If Adam returns will all be forgotten? Additionally, Nick and Chelsea are not sharing everything.

Kevin and Chloe's departure is leaving a big can of worms behind on "The Young and the Restless" for the rest of Genoa City to open up and deal with.

Nick has been withholding from Chelsea details of his father's part in Adam's prison break. Nick also knows that Victor brought Chloe back to town to frame Adam while he was in jail. Chelsea, on the other hand, is allowing Nicholas to raise Christian as his own when she and Victor both know this is Adam's biological son. The biggest loose end which will never be delved into is Bella's paternity.

Chloe underwent successful IVF with Billy's sample before she left town. When she returned, Kevin demanded proof he was not the child's father as she was claiming. The test results ruled Kevin out, so viewers believed Billy was the baby daddy. Later, when Victor had Chloe stashed away out of town, she sent letters to both Billy and Kevin asking them to take tests to prove Bella's paternity. This time Kevin was revealed to be the father with no explanation. So it looks like the Fisher family will be riding off into the sunset and at least for now several mysteries will remain unsolved.