Chloe Mitchell is the center of attention on "The Young and the Restless" these days. Victor Newman helped her flee Genoa City so she would not expose his role in the events that led to the death of his son, Adam Newman. Chelsea has been searching high and low for her former BFF in order to make her pay for killing Adam. If spoiler alerts are correct, not only will Chloe never pay for the murder of Chelsea's husband, but she will be rewarded for her crime by being reunited with her husband and daughter.

Greg Rikaart's exit

It was reported in May, that Greg Rikkart, who portrays Kevin will be leaving "The Young and the Restless" in August.

The reason for his departure has not been stated. Eagle-eyed viewers, however, suspected he may be on his way out when his character, Kevin Fisher was placed behind a desk while working for the GCPD. This was so out of character for the free-spirited young man.

When news first broke that Rikkart was going to exit the show, the rumor mill came up with likely scenarios of why. One of them was that Kevin would find out that Billy was really Bella's dad and he would not be able to handle the truth. He would leave town because he had lost both his wife and daughter. Now, this is no longer possible, and another theory is gaining speed.

Kevin and Chloe reunite

Last week, Chelsea found Chloe unconscious on the floor of the home where she had been hiding out.

There was a pill bottle beside her so it's being assumed that she took her own life. Spoiler alerts indicate that Victor has helped Chloe fake her death so that Chelsea would not find out about her father-in-law's role in her husband's murder. If this is true then the best reason for Kevin to leave town would be for him and Bella to reunite with Chloe.

This would mean that Victor Newman would be so desperate to keep his secret he would allow Chloe a happily ever after. He would have to fill Kevin in on some of the details and set it up for Chloe to be with her husband and daughter. This would obviously be somewhere in another country far away from Genoa City.

Spoiler alerts have a high rate of accuracy but sometimes they do miss the mark.

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" will have to sit tight and see how all of this plays out during the next two months. Kevin naturally will be heart broken at first. He and the other Genoa City residents will be dealing with a lot of mixed emotions between now and August and so will loyal fans of Greg Rikaart/Kevin Fisher.