It is no secret that music always has an effect on us no matter what mood we are in. According to Tuomas Eerola, Ph.D., a professor of music cognition at Durham University, music can help regulate a person's moods and process emotions. Listed below are some of the recent songs I personally listen to when I am feeling down and low.

1. Ed Sheeran's 'Barcelona'

Aside from the upbeat tempo, the lyrics themselves exude freedom, love and happiness. The song written by award-winning lyricist Ed Sheeran paints a picture of getting lost in the music and dancing despite having "two left feet" and playing pretend of dancing in the streets on the title itself "Barcelona".

I personally love this song because it gives me a sense of abandoning my fears and worries, makes me feel the rhythm of the music and just makes me want to dance even though I don't really dance that well.

2. Miley Cyrus' 'Malibu'

I'm a huge Miley Cyrus fan and I have not yet been able to move on from her latest single "Malibu". Not only does it represent beginnings and second chances for the singer but most importantly happiness. If you happen to see the music video, you cannot deny the peace and happiness Miley's eyes reflect as she sings the song. With her voice and the beat, not to mention her dance during the chorus, one cannot help but just join her in celebrating love and new beginnings.

3. Ariana Grande's 'Be Alright'

If you're feeling low and you cannot seem to find the light, maybe this song could help. Aside from Ariana's vocals, the lyrics just screams "Everything is going to be okay". The song talks about deciding and making up one's mind on the fact that every little thing is going to be alright. It talks about choosing to believe you are going to be okay.

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And that's why I love this song. It talks about happiness being a choice and not a product of your circumstances. And as the lyrics say "But the hard times are golden, cause they all lead to better days", I cannot help but agree so.

4. Ariana Grande's 'They Don't Know'

This song is actually a soundtrack from the movie "The Smurfs" and it just oozes happiness and celebration.

This song talks about not letting anyone dim your light or destroy your day. It's pretty much like choosing happiness at any time of the day. It is simply stating that happiness doesn't have to be so complicated. It could be as simple as having the one you love with you and you're completely okay with that no matter what's going on all around you.

5. Michael Buble's 'I Believe in You'

I simply adore this song because other than the fact that Michael Buble's vocals are amazing, the lyrics are also beautiful because it talks about a young couple relying on each other. In the music video, the couple experiences both the joys and sorrows of being playmates, lovers and eventually being married, having their own family and growing old together.

This type of music just makes me happy personally because it's rare to have someone who has complete faith in you and trusts you to spend their whole lives with you. If that doesn't make you happy, then I don't know what else will.