On "The Young and the Restless," Nikki Newman has been under a lot of pressure. She has been pushing herself to practice for her piano concert and it is taking a toll. The stress has caused her MS to flare up and Mrs. Newman was about to take a drink until Sharon stopped her. Now, Nikki has left Genoa City and her husband has no idea what to expect next.

Victor is the problem yet again

Victor said he was proud of the progress his wife was making in dealing with MS. He wanted to showcase her talent playing the piano in order to encourage others suffering from the disease.

He set up the benefit concert to raise money and Nikki agreed. Now, however, all the preparation seems to be proving too much for her. Nikki is now having problems that may hinder her progress. It's possible she may not even be able to perform the concert at all.

Last week Nikki's assistant Tessa found her on the floor with her arms curled up. A doctor was called and he gave Mrs. Newman a steroid shot. Later, Nikki could barely make it out of the sauna. She called Jack to meet her and they had a long talk. He told her to take care of herself and not let Victor push her into anything she could not handle. On Monday"s episode, Victor found a note from his wife indicating that she has left town for a few days.

Will Nikki return to Genoa City ready to perform?

Nikki no doubt took Jack's advice and has taken a few days to think things through. Victor saw Jack talking to his wife earlier, and shortly after the two men had harsh words. Victor probably realizes that Jack's influence is the reason why Nikki is gone and he has no idea what to do.

The Newman patriarch does not know where his wife is or what is going on. He may even be wondering if she started drinking again but he is clueless about her MS. All Victor can do is wait and see if his wife returns and the concert goes on as scheduled.

There are several possibilities regarding what may take place when Nikki returns to Genoa City.

She could come home rested and ready to perform. She may give a great concert and all will be well. It's also possible that Nikki will attempt the concert but her MS or her drinking may cause her to fail. She also may tell Victor that he must cancel the benefit because she refuses to play. One thing is certain and that is that Victor will be frantic and feel like he has lost control until his wife is back under his thumb once more. He set up the benefit performance to honor his spouse and heal their relationship. It could be all in vain, and it could keep them apart.