On "The Young and the Restless," Jill purchased "Brash and Sassy" then hired Billy, Cane, and Victoria to run it for her. She thought this would cause Billy and Victoria to realize they love each other and they would remarry. Instead, Billy is back with Phyllis and Victoria fired Cane. Spoilers indicate that this week Billy finds out a secret regarding his step-brother. The spoiler alerts say that Mr. Ashby will be trying to cover his tracks, so the information must be damaging.

Cane could remain in the doghouse

Cane has already been exposed as a liar because he was not forthcoming regarding his night in Japan.

He allowed Michael Baldwin to represent him, Victoria to defend him, and Lily to stand by his side as a loving wife. Knowing all the while he was hiding the fact that he got drunk in Tokyo and Juliet said he slept with her. There is only one known secret Cane is hiding that viewers are aware of, that Billy could uncover. This would be his part in the disaster related to the commercial in Hollywood.

While the "Brash and Sassy" team was in California, Cane asked the camera man not to edit footage of Billy talking about gambling with the baseball players. Mr. Ashby also convinced Juliet to run the video sight unseen when it was her job to look at it first before it aired. This caused a lot of embarrassment for Victoria and she had to do damage control to smooth things over.

She was required to fire the person responsible for the fiasco, and Cane was sure it would be his step brother. He had no idea that Juliet would take the fall.

Cane will pay for his sins

Everyone was shocked when Victoria let Juliet go because she should have viewed the footage before it aired. And for whatever reason Juliet has not mentioned to anyone that Cane encouraged her to run the tape as is.

If this is the secret then Cane will remain in the doghouse, because this set everything in motion that led up to Juliet being fired and instigating the lawsuit against "Brash and Sassy." This would also ingratiate Billy even more to his ex-wife because he would be totally exonerated in her eyes regarding the commercial.

Billy and Juliet should have used better judgment but they were not malicious in their actions.

Cane, on the other hand, has been trying to prove his step brother is unworthy of working at "Brash and Sassy" for quite some time. Cane Ashby willfully made a choice to set things in motion so that Billy would be fired. If this comes out it's possible that a lawsuit could be filed against Cane for his misdeeds. If there is another secret that Mr. Ashby is hiding, it is one that had not yet bee revealed to "The Young and the Restless" viewers.