No matter how many times his family rejects him, Victor Newman continues to manipulate them. Nikki, Victoria, and Nick find they constantly have to deal with the fallout from his games. This time Hillary Curtis is the one who had been used to harm the family Victor claims to love so much.

Hillary does not realize she is being used to hurt the Newman family

On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Victor gave Hillary the go ahead to run the footage that showed him and Nick arguing after the benefit gala. Victoria, Nikki, and Nick were sitting together eating popcorn when "G.C.

Buzz" aired the video. The three of them were outraged and saying how Victor was going to deal with Hillary. They had no idea that the Newman patriarch is the one who set everything up.

Mariah is on the set telling her boss the same thing the Newman family are saying to each other. Hillary receives a text and shows it to her co-host. It is from Victor and it is a thumb's up giving his approval for the segment that exposed his family drama. Hillary smiles thinking she has struck gold. She has no idea that she is only a pawn in the game Victor is playing with his family members.

The fallout from Hillary's broadcast

Victor Newman is feeling pretty good right now but his family is hurting. They are shocked and wondering how Hillary was able to record the drama that unfolded between Nick and his dad.

Previews for Tuesday show Nick threatening to shut down "G.C. Buzz." Ms. Curtis is looking smug because she knows she had permission to air the footage and Nick can't touch her.

When Nikki and her children find out that Victor is behind the embarrassing footage they will even angrier with him. The Newman patriarch has already written off his first born by telling Nicholas he is no longer his son.

And Hillary broadcast the exchange between father and son, for all the world to see. Nikki is already using Jack to get even with her husband, but her daughter is another story.

Victoria announced to her mother and brother that she no longer wants to be angry with her father and spoiler alerts say that Vicky will have a medical crisis that will bring her closer to her father.

Eventually, Nikki and Nick will come around and reunite with Victor because it's what the Newman family always does. Hillary however who is on top of the world today could just as easily be crushed by the Newmans tomorrow, so she had better watch her back. She is not in a league to do battle with these people because once they use you they just as easily discard you.