"Orphan Black" is a Canadian science fiction show which was created by both Graeme Manson and John Fawcett. The series follows the character of Sarah Manning who finds out that she has clones and takes one identity of one of them once she witnesses their murder. Tatiana Maslany plays the role of the protagonist Sarah Manning and of her clones in the series. "Orphan Black" is a popular series and has been running for five seasons. The fifth season of the series will be its last and there are three episodes left in total. The BBC has teased these exciting final episodes of the series and fans are both excited and devastated to see the series come to an end.

Season 5 ending to give fans everything they expect

According to The Christian Post, the last three episodes of "Orphan Black" are set to tie up the shows fifth season nicely. The network has promised fans that the episode will be hard hitting and intense. The show is keeping with the theme of the show as it narrows in on its Season 5 finale. A trailer was released teasing fans about the last three episodes of the season but ultimately nothing plot related was revealed.

While the trailer is only black text set on a background it does promise fans that the only reason they are not showing any sneak peaks of the final episodes is that they want their audience to experience the shocks and events as they unfold to them.

The BBC has promised that fans will be surprised and delighted by what is in store for the last three episodes of the season.

There is little information on the next episode of the series

The next episode of "Orphan Black" is due to air on July the 29th. The only information about the eighth episode of the fifth season is from the episode description which can be found online.

According to Comic Book Movies, the next episode will see the girls celebrate Felix's art exhibition. Sarah remains on edge as she believes that Mrs. S is planning something. Rachel reunites with an old friend who helps her as she is wounded.

Neolution is pushing the boundaries of science beyond what anyone believed to be humanly possible.

This will not only put the girls in danger but it will also put the entire human race at the precipice of extinction. The girls must act quickly to reveal the true corruption of Neolution and finally put an end to their plans.

The next episode of "Orphan Black" is titled "Guillotines Decide" and will air on July 29. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode of the series as the BBC has promised the audience that they will be utterly transfixed.