"The Young and the Restless" has crafted a storyline that continues to mystify the viewers. For weeks spoiler alerts have hinted that Cane Ashby may not be the father of Juliet's baby. Loyal fans of "Lane" (Lily and Cane) have been holding out that Juliet and Cane did not sleep together in Japan. On Wednesday, the paternity test results appear to put all those doubts to rest. Ms. Helton showed up at the Ashby home and announced to Cane and Lily that he is indeed the father of her unborn child.

Juliet still seems like she is playing a game

Juliet continues to operate as if she is playing a game.

In Tokyo, she left an earring in the hotel room bed and when Cane returned to Genoa City, he found her nightgown in his briefcase. If the two of them had consensual sex why would Ms. Helton need to leave subtle reminders? Could it be that Cane was unconscious the entire time or that she obtained his semen without his knowledge and had herself artificially inseminated? Something is not right in this situation, and neither fans nor spoiler alerts have figured it out yet.

Juliet never showed any romantic interest in Cane once she began working for "Brash and Sassy." She operated like a team player until the day she fainted and found out she was expecting a baby. Now she continues to flip the script going from believing Cane will step up and be responsible as her Baby Daddy to announcing to the Ashby's that she expects nothing and will raise her child alone.

Even Hilary seems puzzled and cannot figure out what it is that Juliet Helton is really after.

What is Juliet's end game

Viewers are much like Hilary and desire to know Juliet's end game. Did she fall for Cane in Japan and set him up in hopes he will leave his wife for her? Did she want a job at "Brash and Sassy" just to be near him or is something else going on?

Juliet seems truly sincere when she tells Lily that she never meant to hurt her. It makes no sense that she would have unprotected sex with a stranger and become pregnant. Juliet was not as drunk as Cane was so it is clear she was the one more in control.

If Cane is the father of Juliet's baby he will eventually come around and do the right thing.

If somehow the pregnancy test was faked, how long will it be before he will find out? How much damage will be done to his marriage and family before the entire truth is known? Juliet does not seem like she has the know how to alter the results of a paternity test, but perhaps she is fooling everyone. "Lane" fans will have to deal with the blow that was dealt to their favorite couple and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" to see how it all plays out.