Spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that this week Lily definitely will not stand by her man. Mrs. Ashby will go to the "Brash and Sassy" office and have a conversation with her boss Victoria. She will actually express understanding about why Ms. Newman made the decision to let Cane go.

Lily's self-righteous attitude

Lily has cheated on her husband in the past. She justifies her outrage at Cane however because she came clean and he did not. Cane continued to lie even after his wife, boss, and lawyer gave him multiple opportunities to tell the entire truth.

In addition, Lily's spouse may be the father of Juliet's baby. For these reasons, Lily believes she has the right to be considering whether or not to forgive her spouse for his transgressions. This is why she can be sympathetic regarding the actions of Victoria Newman.

This week according to the Spoilers, Lily will decide to continue on as the Brand Ambassador for the "Brash and Sassy" cosmetic's company. In addition, when she sees Victoria putting Cane's belongings in boxes Mrs. Ashby will refuse to take them home. So it seems that Lily has a long way to go before she can truly forgive her husband. And based on what the spoiler alerts are hinting at life will get much worse for the Ashby family before thing get any better.

Is Cane Juliet's baby daddy?

According to Soap She Knows, the Spoilers tease that the results of Juliet's paternity test are going to rock the world of Cane and Lily Ashby. What is not clearly stated however are the test results. "The Young and the Restless" fans can take this to mean that Cane is the father of Ms. Helton's child and his family will be devastated at the news.

This will especially be troubling and embarrassing for twins Charlie and Mattie.

The test results also could prove that Lily's husband is not the baby daddy. This would expose Juliet as a liar and a gold digger. Perhaps at this point, earlier Spoiler alerts will prove correct and she will admit that she never slept with Cane.

Many fans of the show still are not convinced because Juliet planted an earring in the bed and her nightgown in Mr. Ashby's briefcase. It could be that Ms. Helton had planned a big scam from day one. If it's all a lie then Lily should feel bad that she did not stand completely by Cane's side. She allowed Jordan in her ear and cannot see that he has his own ulterior motives. Whatever happens, viewers are closer to the truth now than ever before.