"The Young and the Restless" preview notifications indicate an exciting event that will take place on Friday, July 14th. Genoa City royalty will be in attendance at the benefit concert to raise funds and awareness for MS. Expect the unexpected as favorite characters are currently at odds with each other.

The Newmans are going to be on display

On Thursday, Noah replaced the defective soundboard with an extra from his father's business "The Underground." Abby let it slip to Victor that Nick did not mention he had an extra board and Mr. Newman begins putting the puzzle pieces together. On Friday, Victor will find out that a drink was spilled on the equipment and he will also realize his firstborn son was trying to sabotage the concert.

Nikki will perform anyway and wow the audience. Her husband appears to be thrilled that his plan to showcase her talent was a success. He will also be glaring into the audience at Nicholas who dared defy him and tried to stop the show. Later, Victor and Nick will get into a nasty argument that they don't realize is being filmed by Hillary and Howard.

Cane and Mariah are dealing with the realities of life

Now that Juliet's paternity test indicates Cane is the father of her baby he has to come clean with his twins. Cane will be forced to tell Mattie and Charlie that he was unfaithful to their mother. And now they will have a new addition to the family.This is a moment that Mr. Ashby has been dreading. He does not want to disappoint his children but he absolutely has no choice in the matter.

Mariah has been taking notice this past week that there is still a spark between Devon and Hillary. They sort of flirted with each other at the pool on the Fourth of July. On several occasions, Mariah caught Devon watching Hillary with a look of longing in his eyes. Now at the benefit concert, the ex-spouses are smiling and talking about how well they used to flow together.

This causes Ms. Copeland to become jealous.

The green eyed monster is raising its head and Mariah is also dealing with being left out of things related to her job at "GC Buzz." Hillary did not even tell her that she was asked by Victor Newman to cover the red carpet prior to the concert. Mariah is feeling inadequate and insignificant. Devon is not helping because he seems oblivious to what is going on.

He most definitely is not doing enough to reassure her and Hillary seems to be rubbing everything in her face. Be sure to watch all of this play out on Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless."

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