The latest "Pokémon GO" Update has brought many exciting changes to the game. While it is true that Niantic has added new important characteristics in its new update along with other novelties, the company made a significant change in the Pokémon Eggs that happened unnoticed for the majority of "Pokémon GO" users. According to Pokémon GO Hub, famous for its favorable leaks over “Pokémon GO,” this new change in the eggs will help players to get all the Pokémon in the game and thus complete their Pokédex. As you play “Pokémon Go,” you'll have three goals in mind: level up your trainer as much as you can, upgrade your creatures, attack and defend gyms, and complete your Pokédex with all Pokémon.

However, for being successful, you must know everything about that the Pokémon eggs as well as how to evolve your creatures.

Exciting changes in the latest Pokémon GO Updates that were not noticed by players and trainers:

The first change in the recent update of the “Pokémon GO” app occurs in 5-kilometer eggs. As from now, you can get a Teddiursa, Hoppip and Swinub, three Pokémon that until recently could only be captured wildly. Similarly, Gligar, Pineco, and Mantine, who until recently were creatures that hatched from eggs of 10 kilometers, will now leave the eggs of 5 kilometers, news that was well received by the vast majority “Pokémon GO” players and trainers. As for the 10-kilometer eggs, Porygon and Chinchou, which until recently came out of 5-kilometer eggs) will henceforth hatch from 10-kilometer eggs.

The rarest creatures are the most sought after in “Pokemon Go," but finding and catching them has become practically impossible, due to their higher CP and stamina.

Additional information:

New details continue to come out related to the anniversary of the "Pokémon GO" app. According to new information revealed in social media, Pikachu will be one of the most important figures of the event.

In past days Niantic's developers announced that a Rare Pikachu would be introduced in a new event. It is rumored that other rare creatures would be appearing in the next events.

It is worth mentioning that as published by Niantic, these events will be held at the end of this month of July. It is very likely that Niantic is planning something big for this celebration.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.