"The Young and the Restless" spoilers reveal a bombshell on Tuesday’s "Y&R." Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson) is not dead – as most every fans of the CBS soap already suspected. When Chelsea Newman (Melissa Claire Egan) and Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) crash the funeral, Kevin goes ballistic on them and Father Todd Williams (Corbin Bernsen) has to quell the confrontation.

Kevin stunned by Chloe reveal

After the funeral, Kevin wants a moment alone with the casket, say new "The Young and the Restless" spoilers. It’s been suspicious from the moment the funeral started.

Why was Chloe in a closed casket? They only do that when someone has been horribly disfigured or there’s no body left to bury. Neither is the case with Chloe who looked beautiful as ever on the table in the morgue.

"The Young and the Restless" spoilers say Kevin speaks eloquently about his love for Chloe after he said she’s with Delia now. But that’s not true. Chloe is not with Delia up in heaven. She’s right there in Genoa City and on Tuesday’s "Y&R" and carrying over onto Wednesday’s episode, it becomes very clear that Chloe isn’t dead and that fact shocks Kevin in a primal way and leaves him in crisis.

Chloe rises from the grave

At the end of Tuesday’s "The Young and the Restless", as Kevin stands by Chloe’s coffin all alone to say a final goodbye after the other mourners stepped out, Chloe opens the coffin. All we’ll see is a glimpse of her hand at that point, but Kevin is shocked and not certain what’s happening. Kevin is already on edge and when Chloe makes her appearance, he loses his composure completely.

According to "The Young and the Restless" spoilers, Kevin faints and drops to the floor. That’s how the Tuesday "Y&R" closes. Then on Wednesday, "The Young and the Restless" spoilers from Soaps She Knows tell us that Kevin goes missing and that sends everyone into a panic.

It’s not just Kevin that goes missing, there’s no body in the coffin anymore. Looks like they’ll bury an empty box.

Kevin and Chloe missing

Although no one knows it, it’s not just Kevin that goes missing, but Chloe. Everyone else assumes Chloe is buried and gone forever say "The Young and the Restless" spoilers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Kevin and Chloe are truly reunited at this point. Because the same spoilers say Kevin searches for Chloe. It seems that Chloe might ditch Kevin and go undercover, but there’s more to tell.

Clearly, Elizabeth Hendrickson is not quite done at "The Young and the Restless" and she’ll be a factor in the build up to Greg Rikaart’s exit in August.

However, "Y&R" spoilers promise Greg will be done shooting scenes this month and so will Elizabeth Hendrickson since Chloe, Kevin and Bella (Cali May Kinder) all leave together for a happily ever after far from Genoa City.

Chloe missing again, Kevin frantic

New "The Young and the Restless" spoilers from Soap Central promise Kevin loses Chloe again after the reveal that she’s alive. Obviously, Chloe and Kevin can’t be reunited just yet. Even though the search for Chloe died when she supposedly did, but she still has to be careful. This story is rumored to drag out over the summer based on the latest "Y&R" spoilers.

Other "The Young and the Restless" spoilers promise as the Summer heats up, Kevin’s dark side emerges.

Remember when Kevin first came to Genoa City, he was not a good guy. He was a scary one. New spoilers also say Kevin struggles being a single parent to Bella. But Kevin’s darkness might just be an act to set the stage for him to leave town to meet up with Chloe.

An assist from Victor

"The Young and the Restless" spoilers tease there’s another party that factors into Chloe’s return from the dead and it’s Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). There’s no way Chloe could have faked her own death and made it all the way back to Genoa City without help. She would not have survived an autopsy, embalming and all the things that are done to dead bodies to prepare them for a funeral.

Instead, Dr.

Harris (Ron Melendez) drugged Chloe up to make her seem dead and set the stage so Chelsea would find her. The EMTs were on his payroll and Dr. Harris himself signed the death certificate. All of this was funded by Victor’s hefty wallet. Chloe was smuggled back to Genoa City and climbed into the coffin just before the funeral. That way if anyone opened the lid, there she’d be lying.

What’s not clear is if Victor will be involved with hiding Chloe in Genoa City as she and Kevin prepare to start a new life together. No doubt Victor is working on fake passports for the little family of three hint new "The Young and the Restless" spoilers. We’ll find out more about how Victor is tied into this mysterious plot as the final scenes for Chloe and Kevin unfold in upcoming "The Young and the Restless" spoilers.